@ZackMooreNFL Shares Bonus Caponomics Chapter

Ray Lewis mentioned “formulas” with Trent Dilfer regarding how the Jets are using the salary cap, so I figured I would just share the bonus chapter I’ve already shared with everyone on the Caponomics@gmail.com e-mail thread.

As of right now, this chapter is slated to be a part of book two or three of this Caponomics book series, a book where I break down the Super Bowl champions on a team-by-team basis using my Caponomics ideas.

So with that in mind, check out the attached file that has me breaking down the 2000 Ravens.

As many of you know, my Moore’s Law podcast will be up on iTunes soon as I’ve spent the day today preparing for my Week 2 Review podcast where I will break down some Caponomics in action this weekend as I discuss some of the notes that I wrote while watching college and NFL games this weekend.

Ray Lewis was SPOT on saying that as I’ve been saying that all offseason about the Jets… So Ray, for sure hit me up if you’re reading my stuff because I would LOVE to get you on my podcast.

So just click on the attached file and get yourself a chapter that will serve as a sort of preview for the coming Caponomics book series. As a reminder, if you do enjoy it, I think you’ll appreciate the podcast and the book, so be sure to join the Caponomics@gmail.com e-mail list! More bonus chapters will be coming soon…

RAVENS CHAPTER: 2000 Ravens_watermarked