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  • ThatNewYorkJetsBlog

    Good podcast. Things do feel bleak for the Jets, but they’re still only 1 game behind the rest of the pack with all of their divisional games left. If they can win 3 of the next 4 they’ll be in good shape, though I agree that that’s not looking likely.

    I agree that Smith should keep starting, but not because I think the Jets are out of the division race. 1-5 is too late; but when your rivals are 2-2, 1-3 is right in the mix.

    The reason I think Smith should start is because Vick isn’t really much of an upgrade over Smith. He’s less accurate and has had few reps with the starting WRs; I don’t think his running ability and somewhat better ball security skills make him a clear upgrade at this point. Smith has bounced back before and while I expect him to fail, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he rebounded with a strong game this week.

  • Dan Kunze

    In the last couple of podcasts there is some sort of skipping – not sure what it is.
    That aside, you were imho a bit rough on Cutler. There was one toss he had that was questionable that took a ridiculously stupid bounce right to Mathews. The other pick was completely Brandon Marshall’s fault for running the wrong route. Cutler has looked very sharp this whole year, the second under the Trestman/Kromer offense.
    In general, the Bears offense is, and will continue to, roll up the yards. Our defense simply could not stop Rodgers. The d line didn’t lay a hand on Rodgers and that is a recipe for failure against the Pack (see Detroit). Not having Allen and Ratliff hurt us as well – it keeps fewer guys in the d line rotation.
    But a loss is a loss, and if the Bears don’t beat Carolina, we are in condition critical.