Podcast: Championship Games, Deflated Footballs, Free Agent Backs, and More…


In this weeks OTC podcast:

-I give my thoughts on the Packers collapse and the Seahawks great setup for a dynasty

-I look at the Patriots thrashing of the Colts and just what should be in store over this deflated football controversy

-I examine some possible free agent running back outcomes

-I pick out some free agent targets for the Jets

-Plus more of your questions all answered

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  • McGeorge

    I HATE to say this (HATE IT) BUT – I agree with Dungy and not you about the Patriots declaring players ineligible. The league needs to make sure that it’s very clear the defenders know who is eligible. The field is very noisy and the defenders might not clearly hear the refs.
    Also, while it might be in the rules, does it make the game better? I don’t think so.

    If you want to have RBs ineligible and line men eligible, then the refs need to make sure the defenders have enough time to adjust. Plus, if it’s part of a substitution, the defenders need to be able to substitute.

    (and I think Dungy is a drip and over rated)

    • If they removed the rule you would have all kinds of changes that impact teams, epsecially in goalline packages where team will often use extra guard and tackles as eligibles on the line.

      Obviously the most famous one for the Jets crew was Jumbo Elliot, but if you eliminate the rule you lose out on the ability to use guys like JJ Watt, Sheldon Richardson, etc… in the backfield or as a tight end.

      Under Mangini the Jets used to use this package every game, except it was only around the goalline. The way it used to work (and I didnt really pay attention in the playoffs to see how it went) is the player reports to the ref and then the ref would get on the mic and say “number 76 reporting eligible”. As a fan in the stands it was actually quite annoying to hear it every play.

      I just think whats happened here is that the Patriots got way more creative by using something mid-field where teams usually dont use that. Teams also dont do the reporting ineligible trick at all.

      • McGeorge

        I’m all for creative.
        But the refs must give other teams time to adjust, and must make sure they can hear the announcement – all players – including CBs or safeties who may be far away.