Podcast: An Overview of This Weeks Restructures, Jets/Patriots, & NFL Predictions


In this weeks podcast we review some of the contract restructures that occurred this week, thoughts on the Jets and Patriots with a focus on the New York Jets, plus some predictions for week 2 in the NFL.

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  • Wintermute

    *Awesome*. Crystal clear. Really appreciate you modifying the music in such a fashion that we can hear everything. Like I said, your information / podcast is *unique* on the internet; that is invaluable. But it was difficult to hear. Anyway, thanks again and really appreciate all the information. Fascinating and educational.

  • mike jones

    I know I’m late, but just had a chance to listen and had to respond to your Suh observations.

    The reason the Lions coach will never bench Suh is the Lions coach likes this type of play. Shwartz is a dirty coach. He spent year and years as a defensive coordinator for another notoriously dirty coach, Jeff Fisher, who himself spent his formative years as a defensive coordinator for another notoriously dirty coach, you guessed it, Buddy Ryan. All these guys confuse cheap shots for toughness.

    Oh, and you were right that to assume Suh plays dirty even in practice.
    “Even in practice, Ndamukong gives guys the business,” Glazer said.
    “He’ll slam a guy’s head against the ground. He’ll stomp on a guy.
    He’ll take little shots at guys. And guys are concerned if he can’t
    control himself even in practice with us, how can he control himself
    against someone else’s jersey?”

    it’s no coincidence that since 2010 the Shwartz coached lions are almost among the very worst in the nfl in terms of penalties, and in Jeff Fisher’s very first year with the Rams he propelled them all the way to #32 in terms of penalties. The problem isn’t really Suh being Suh and needing to be reigned in by his coach, it’s Suh being Shwartz and doing exactly what he wants.

    • Thanks for the comments Mike. Schwartz should have been fired last year. There are a handful of coaches that survived last season (him Rivera, and probably Garrett though hes in a no-win with the owner) that teams are going to regret not firing.

      You are right about Fisher. The only thing I will say is when Haynesworth kicked Gurode in the head years ago in one of the dirtiest plays of all time Fisher did seem to think that Haynesworth crossed a line with that play and I do seem to remember him yelling at him on the sidelines for it. Ive never seen Schwartz do that and Suh is just ridiculous. If their front office wasnt so bad and didnt make such a mess of his contract they would have been best suited to franchise him and then trade him off to a team willing to deal with his nonsense..

      • mike jones

        Oh yes, I agree about Rivera too. I laid some money on the Panthers winning the NFC during preseason just by going of YPA stats of last year and teams who did not preform up to what you would have expected compared to those stats without doing full due diligence. Turns out Rivera hired Mike Shula this year in order to reign in Newton and get him under center more often. The entire league is going to shotgun/spread and hurry up, and the Panthers are going back to 1988 from what I understand.

        More on Shwartz, who apparently thinks the question of dirty play is actually a binary question about toughness:

        ‘And Schwartz says that, all things considered, he’d rather be known as a nasty team than the opposite.
        “It’s better than the alternative — meekest, least aggressive, softest team in the NFL,” Schwartz told the Detroit News.
        “People are entitled to their opinion. If you try to fight that, you’re
        gonna be miserable in this business. Whatever the perception is,
        whatever people think of us, that doesn’t mean anything to us.”’