OTC Podcast 6/6: Newton Megadeal, Davis Retires, Jordan Signs Big Deal…

In this weeks OTC Podcast:

– Looking at Cam Newtons $103.8 megadeal

– The rash of retirements in San Francisco

– Where does Cam Jordan’s new contract stack up

– Richard Sherman getting knocked by Antonio Cromartie

– Plus more 0f your questions…

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  • Derek Lamarr

    I’m not sure Russell Wilson’s lack of a new contract is the result of the Seahawks not believing in his potential. I think it’s possible they don’t value the QB position as highly as other teams. There’s a very good argument to be made that ~$22m of QB doesn’t add as much value as ~$22m of defense.

    • McGeorge

      The NFL is more of a passing league now than 20 years ago, so I think the QB position has gotten more valuable.
      22MM of QB may not always add 22MM of value BUT having a bad QB (like Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, etc) does huge amount of damage to the team.
      If the choice was 22MM for Russel Wilson or 4MM for Kyle Orton then I could see making a decision. But if the choice is overpay for X or get a terrible QB like Mark Sanchez, who costs you a couple of games, then it can be worth overpaying.

      I’d rather have Russel Wilson at 20MM/year than have to search fro another QB. Not saying Wilson is great, just that the cost in draft picks/busts/time is significant.

      In terms of Russel Wilson not being signed, maybe his camp is asking for an insane amount of money. 22MM? More? Russel Wilson at 22MM vs Mark Sanchez at 1.5MM? Maybe the 20MM savings is worth it.

      Given how much Tier 2 QBs are making, I think teams need to spend more effort in coming up with serviceable QBs. QBs that don’t cost you multiple games over the season, who make 2MM.

      • theowl

        McGeorge, If you are not burnt out on Wilkerson talk, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest post on this page.

        • McGeorge

          The first thing is – we don’t really know whats going on – we get news filtered thru the agent and team and media.
          Is Wilkerson really asking for 13-14MM? Is that what the team is saying?

          If he truly wants 14MM I wouldn’t pay him. I’d rather trade him now, while the team has more leveral (this year at 7MM and next year at a franchise level) if the Jets can get a lot for him.

          I would have rather that the Jets (over)paid Wilkerson and let old and slow David Harris walk. The Jets are not going anywhere with their current QB situation, so no need to spend on old players who will be gone in 2 years.

          On another note – some interesting articles about Russel Wilsons contract status. His agent may be looking for a max contract (highest paid QB in football). He may play out this year, get franchised a year, then leave. If Seattle franchises him for 1-2 years he gets paid, just not quite as much as he wants. Wilson is good but not great, so paying him 25MM would consume a lot of cap money.

  • theowl

    Jason, I am re-posting this here because it isn’t visible on this page. I posted this comment in the comments section of this article on the Podcast web page.

    What do you think Mo Wilkerson’s trade value in draft picks
    might be? Because his franchise tag next year will be close to 14.8 mil
    (assuming he gets the DE tag), his value seems to be for him playing at
    7mil this year. Let’s say a team values his abilities at 13 mil a year
    (more than I would value him at, but we need to throw out a number),
    then they would be trading for 6 mil of value. What is that 6 mil

    I read Chase Stewart’s Trading Draft Picks for Dollars article, http://www.footballperspective…,
    and the discussion in the comment section… as well as your post, Draft Decisions and the Salary Cap 2015,
    It seems like the discussion you folks you folks had in Stewart’s article never really came to a definitive formula.

    In addition… It seems to me a player’s value in the moment is their True
    Value (how much a team will pay a player per year, decided arbitrarily
    or through some metric) minus that players average salary. We could
    then add the value numbers of the 53 players on the roster to determine
    which team’s talent has the most value. Of course this only works if a
    team is going to spend close to 95% of their cap space.

    What are your thoughts…