OTC Podcast 6/26: Franchise tags, new deals, and best and worst contracts

In this weeks OTC podcast:

The need to negotiate franchise tag protection

Keenan Allen and Brandon Marshall’s new contracts

The best and worst contracts in the AFC East

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  • jon

    I feel like the franchise tag is useful for players in 2 circumstances:
    1) The Kirk Cousins of the world – players that are above average that the team cannot afford to lose. The franchise tag is helping him have leverage to an APY that he otherwise would probably not get.
    2) The Drew Brees’ of the world – You get franchised early in your career, and the team backloads your salary so much. You then live up to your expectations. Then the team can either franchise you for 40 mil (I think most would agree that a 1 year deal at 40 mil is a win for a player), or you become a UFA.

    • Hi Jon. I think you are correct on both counts. I think even from a team perspective those two scenarios work out ok. While Brees number is crazy high, under normal circumstances Id rather pay Brees say $30M for 1 year than guarantee him $60M.