OTC Podcast 5/29: Fitzpatrick, Summer Cuts, Baldwin and more…

In this weeks OTC Podcast, Bryce and Jason discuss

Ryan Fitzpatricks contract options

The holdup with 3rd round draft picks signing contracts

The most likely summer cuts per ECV

Doug Baldwin’s contract expectations

Aaron Rodgers value

The Ryan brothers recent comments

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  • McGeorge

    I think the Jets are making a big mistake offering Fitzpatrick so much.
    They are going no where with him, and need to rebuild.
    Go with Geno (and lose an extra game, maybe two), save the money and get a better 2017 draft pick.
    None of their QB prospects rates to pan out, so they need a good 2017 pick to get a decent QB.
    Going 8-8 with Fitzpatrick is counter productive as it just ages the team.
    Better to tank a year with Geno Smith.
    And it’s possible he has improved and could be the QB for a few years till they find someone better.

    • Zee Executioner

      I agree with you to some degree – in an ideal world for the NYJ, their “franchise QB” would coincide with the retirement of Tom Shady and Bill Belicheat, but, on the other hand, if you think that Geno is only one game worse than Fitzpatrick, you are sorely mistaken, there.

      • McGeorge

        >>Go with Geno (and lose an extra game, maybe two)

        I said 1-2 games, and I stand by that. Geno was terrible when he started. He was also not ready to start, he had no receivers his first year, and only Decker his second. WIth Decker and Marshall I think he would be a lot better. Not good, but better than terrible. Fitzpatrick greatly benefitted from Marshall, it’s not like he was throwing darts to him.
        It’s possible that Geno has improved.
        So overall, I think Geno is probably worse, but has some upside, where he coould be almost as effective.

  • Dan Kunze

    Megan is dominating these podcasts. Jason and Bryce are just co-stars.

    • Philip Riveron

      Megan knows her stuff