OTC Podcast 5/1: Draft Thoughts, Likely Cuts, and Rookie Contracts

Bryce and I are back this week to share some contract thoughts on:

This years NFL draft and some of the decisions made regarding trades and positional drafting

Rookie Contracts, including offset clauses and payment terms

Likely cuts for this summer and next year based on draft decisions

Deferred bonus money and creative trading 

I know I had a few soundcloud requests again and I will get that going shortly. We did have a bit of an audio malfunction during the part about offsets so when its all choppy thats why. Special guest appearance once again by Megan too.

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  • Jason Wood

    Not sure how the Jets justify paying an aging Revis a kings random yet can’t get a deal done with a more team friendly ascending player like Wilkerson. Not a great message to their younger players looking for extensions. If Sheldon Richardson can stay out of trouble his negotiation should be eventful.

  • McGeorge

    Bryce keeps fading in and out, like he has over all the recent podcasts.