OTC Answers 3 Questions Over at MMQB with Peter King

I had the opportunity to answer three salary cap questions for Peter King’s MMQB this week on some recent free agent topics. I’d imagine most readers here are avid MMQB readers but if not, feel free to check it out and add any comments here is you want. The three topics covered are:

1. The potential problems with the Ndamukong Suh contract

2. Who may be next on the Saints Shopping Block

3. What teams tratditionally manage the cap the best

Here is the link to the article

  • McGeorge

    First – congratulations on appearing on MMQB, it’s nice to get recognized.

    2nd – very interesting comments on the Pats and 49ers (which you have written here a year or more ago).

    When is the rest of the league going to wake up to the “money ball” approach?
    Teams make the same salary cap mistakes year after year.

    (I Hope that some of the Jets contracts are due to Woodys meddling and not because Macccagnan really believes that David Harris and Antonio Comartie are worth those contracts)