Nate Boyer’s Next Mission

Former Seahawks long snapper Nate Boyer is onto his next mission and it’s even more important than the last two.

I know most front offices in the NFL read, so let’s do something good this week in the spirit of Marlin’s Man…

Former University of Texas and Seattle Seahawks long snapper and Green Beret, Nate Boyer, has started #ConqueringKili, which will empower wounded veterans through helping them climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

Personally, that’s enough of something for me to get behind because, as someone who’s had his own obstacles to overcome the last few years, I can vouch for the almost therapeutic exercise of climbing hills/mountains as I’ve been doing it in the Ramapo Mountains of New Jersey almost every day for months. The issues that these veterans face are the same kinds of issues that our athletes face in many ways… but they don’t get paid as much money to do it or have the same quality of care that someone like Dez Bryant just had on his very valuable foot. Helping veterans remember that they are true “1%-ers,” which is my favorite term for people who do the things that 99% of people won’t do, is an important enough task, but Boyer and #ConqueringKili will also be creating two water wells in Africa for villages of people who have no access to clean water…

Just let that sit there for awhile…

Think of the idea that you could have access to no clean water and the cleanest water source is 10-20 miles away and your best (see: only) option could be dirty…

That is how important this cause is. You’re providing an entire community with life, quite literally in many cases.

This is similar to what former UFC and now Bellator MMA fighter, Justin Wren, has done for the Pygmy People with Fight for the Forgotten and Water4. So far, Mr. Wren has created about 25 water wells for these people, Joe Rogan himself donated enough money for two water wells.

If this is what is possible with the backing of the MMA world, what is possible with the backing of the NFL?

We want to prove we’re a league filled with good guys, so let’s prove it. Mr. Boyer’s site allows you to donate on behalf of your favorite team. So, since you guys work for the teams…then let’s get this train rolling!!

Nate Boyer, Justin Wren, these are the kinds of human beings we want to populate our sports world, so let’s show the world, so more kids realize that living like that is possible. Doing something as mind-blowing as providing a village of people with the water to sustain their life is a pretty good example to set.

Let’s not all think we can just wear camo this weekend and think we did our part. Veterans Day is November 11th, if you can’t donate to this, find something else positive to do. Actually give thanks to someone.


Justin Wren’s book is available here and 33% of the proceeds from his book “Fight for the Forgotten” go to building water wells.