Free Agent Updates…


Well we have made it through day 1 with some big action, mainly involving tackles and a very late signing of Jairus Byrd by the New Orleans Saints.

One thing that stood out to me, other than maybe the Byrd deal (which we dont have the particulars on as I write this), is that the salary cap increase meant little in terms of increased pay. After the Sam Shields and Everson Griffen contract extensions free agency looked poised to explode. But right away it pretty much fizzled in terms of total dollar amount. None of the cornerbacks looked to be able to break the $10 million barrier, showing a stagnant market that might make a difficult situation for Darrelle Revis, who really wants to keep his $16 million a year deal. The highest paid tackles are still trailing D’Brickashaw Ferguson of the Jets, who signed his $10 million a year deal in 2010 and is the one double digit APY player that tackles can at least try to point to as a deal that can be surpassed.

Maybe things will change but it sure looks like the NFL will be using the $10 million increase to cover for the fact that the QB position eats up too much salary and that the teams need to just build depth rather than have multiple top 5 paid players. We’ll see how that shakes out today.

I’ll be attempting to keep up with some of the new deals today and you can find links to all the new contracts we were able to get so far by viewing our 2014 Free Agent Contracts page on the right menu. We’ll definitely have a major update later tonight so if you only check out OTC one time today that is the page to check.

  • Michael Goetze

    “Maybe things will change but it sure looks like the NFL will be using the $10 million increase to cover for the fact that the QB position eats up too much salary”

    … and also for the fact that almost all teams structure their contracts so that they basically need such increases to avoid becoming the Cowboys. (Which, in turn, is due to the fact that General Managers would rather have it good now than later, because they don’t know if they’ll be around later.)

  • McGeorge

    Some of these guys got crazy contracts.
    I don’t agree with paying Karlos Dansby that much, given his age.
    I think Jarius Byrd is very good, but is being over paid.
    I’m curious what Austin Howard got from the Raiders to leave the Jets.

    I’m glad the Jets are not over paying, but it would be nice to use some of those unused salary cap $$$ for something. I just hope they don’t pay Eric Decker a kings ransom and he performs like a middle of teh road #2 receiver.

    • Jim

      Has anyone told Idzik that free agency has started? Howard got 5 years, $30 mil.

      I hope the Jets do get Decker, but I don’t think he’ll command as much as suspected. Sanchez and Geno Smith the last couple years have been dreaming of a #2 WR to throw to. Last year I think we had two #3’s (Kerley when healthy and Holmes when he felt like it) and a couple #4’s (Hill and Nelson). Get Decker, $7-8 mil per year, 4-5 years, ~40% guaranteed.

      • McGeorge

        I’m Ok with the Jets letting Howard go, provided they can get someone of comparable value.
        I’m not Ok with letting him go and getting someone like Wayne Hunter, even at the veterans minimum. The Jets Oline needs an upgrade.

        The wide receiver position is their biggest need. Is Decker worth 7-8? I’m not sure, but since it’s their biggest need, I guess it’s ok to over pay a little.