Jason Fitzgerald

Jason is the founder of overthecap.com. Jason is considered an expert in NFL salary cap and contracts analysis and has consulted on many projects in the field of NFL contracts. He is a contributor to the Sporting News and has been interviewed by many news outlets to discuss contract related issues for specific teams and players.

Recent Posts by Jason

Understanding New Money in NFL Contracts

In the last few days there has been much talk about the concept of “new money” in NFL contracts after a report about what the Giants are offering Odell Beckham Jr on a contract extension. Today PFT chimed in with a look and I think that just led to more confusion, at least on my Twitter feed, about how contracts are valued. So lets jump in and look at “new money” and other metrics that should be, but aren’t used, when crafting extensions. (more…)

Voiding of Guarantees

The contract stalemates between Sam Darnold and the Jets and Roquan Smith of the Bears have certainly been discussed a lot in recent days as neither was signed at the start of training camp. Darnold’s contract issue has been resolved and he is now practicing with the Jets while Smith is still unsigned in Chicago. At the center of both players contract disputes is nothing financial in nature but instead the mechanisms to protect guaranteed salary. (more…)

The Silliness of the Offset Fight

With the Jets and Sam Darnold still at a contractual impasse over apparently offset clauses in his contract I thought it was worth just talking about how ridiculous this is for a team to lose a player, especially a QB that you traded up to draft, even for a day. (more…)

Thoughts on the Brandin Cooks Extension

The official numbers are in for Brandin Cooks thanks to Ben Volin and the contract certainly lives up to the hype. At $81 million over 5 years, Cooks is now tied with DeAndre Hopkins for the 3rd largest receiver contract by APY in the league. It’s a massive investment for a player who has been traded two times in two years and hasn’t played a down for the team he is currently under contract with. So lets look at the deal. (more…)

Looking Back at the Contracts and Impact of Darrelle Revis

With the official retirement of Darrelle Revis there has been much talk of his ability to play the business of the NFL incredibly well by using/creating leverage in any way possible to increase his value. Listening to ESPN radio discuss the issue and reading various articles on his impact on the contracts of the NFL I think there are misconceptions out there or at the least differing opinions than mine on Revis and I wanted to share those even though this probably doesn’t have a lot of interest to many people. (more…)

Looking at Le’Veon Bell’s Contract Offer and the Plight of the Running Back

Yesterday when Le’Veon Bell’s agent made reference to “paying the position rather than the player” it reminded me on an article I wrote way back when about the devaluing of the position, comparing the way teams were approaching their contracts to the way they approached kickers. While things haven’t gotten that bad, its still shocking to see how far things have fallen. Running back is the least valued of the standard positions (its fallen behind right tackle) and only ranks above the special team players. Bell is certainly a special player but how much can you devote to a special talent when the rest of the NFL is paid so much less?  (more…)