2014 Green Bay Packers Offseason Salary Cap and Financial Report


Welcome to one of the newest additions to the Over the Cap website: the offseason Financial Scouting Report, which should help serve as a guide to a teams’ offseason planning for the 2014 season.  This will be our sixth report and will break down some thoughts on the Green Bay Packers. Each report will contain a breakdown of the current roster, a look at performance from 2013, salary cap outlooks, free agents, salary cap cuts, draft costs, extension candidates, and possible free agent targets. Due to time constraints I won’t be able to do all 32 teams, but we’ll see how far we can get in the next few weeks. Thus far we have covered the Jets, Dolphins, Texans, Giants, and Cowboys.

Because the report contains some graphs and charts and over 3,500 words it is available for download as an Adobe PDF file that you can read at your leisure offline and keep for a handy reference during the year rather than as a blog post. The report is free for download and reading, but if you find the report useful and would like to help OTC continue to grow and add content like this we would appreciate the “purchase” of the report for just $1.00 by clicking the Paypal link below or the one within the report. Also if using any of the graphs or salary data please just add a reference to OTC when doing so.





  • Ox

    You didn’t mention Williams age, I’d have to imagine 31 at CB is going to start warranting some questions (I didn’t realize AJ was that old as well).

    Is there typically a large spread between the player values for FS and SS?

    Another great report btw, you’ve got my dollar.

    • Yeah that was why I mentioned Jennings as a comp since they are kind of the older age but still good corners. I probably should have mentioned that was the reason why I was using him. Ive never really sat down and looked at the differences between FS and SS. I dont think there is too much of a difference though FS probably has a chance to make more impact plays which help get you paid more, but for top of the market guys I don think there is tremendous difference. Its not like FB/RB or the downgrading of the slot WR in terms of $, IMO.

      Glad you liked it. It had actually been almost done for a week but between all the contract changes and my own schedule it kind of sat for a few days until I could finish it. I kind of feel if there was ever going to be a year for GB to be active in FA its this one because they are right there, but until I see it I figure there is no point writing about what is a complete fantasy right now.

      • Ox

        GB was the main one I was looking for so I’m content, but how many do you think you’ll get through? They are fantastic reads but I can imagine it’s pretty taxing doing them in your spare time after work.

        GB’s FA philosophy has worked so far, mind you, the Aaron Rodgers pot of gold you mentioned would pretty much smooth out any philosophy. Even so, it’s nice never having to read about different scenarios your team might have to take to just barely squeeze under the cap.

        • Bo Jørgensen

          Thanks for your great work. You godt my dollar :-)
          We do not totally agree on everything, but thats ok.
          If you godt the time, could you please put value on more Packers free agents: Jolly, Neal, Quarless,Kuhn and Starks. Do you think that Starks could come back?

  • NW86

    Thanks for this series…as a fan of the Steelers (or almost any other team, for that matter), it is frustrating to see how teams like GB and NE manage to field playoff teams every year, all while still remaining well under the cap so they are not forced into personnel decisions based purely on cap consequences.
    BTW, I haven’t paid for any of these yet, but I definitely will when I see teams I am more interested in – any chance we could get the Steelers report soon? Or other contending teams with more cap problems like the Saints, Lions, 49ers, etc.