Chris Olave

Wide Receiver

Age: 22
Free Agency: 2026 (UFA)
Accrued Seasons: 0
  • 2022 Salary Cap Charge: $3,503,977 (1.70% of cap)
  • 2022 Cash Payout: $11,900,908 (4.45% of spending)
  • 2022 Cash to Cap Ratio: 3.40
  • Contract Value: $19,271,872 ($4,817,968 APY)
  • Fully Guaranteed Money: $19,271,872
  • Contract Ranking: 49/309 at WR

Current Contract

(Drafted, signed 2022)
(📝: indicates contract trigger occuring during that year)
YearAgeBase SalaryProrated BonusRoster BonusGuaranteed SalaryCap
Cap %
Dead Money & Cap Savings
2023 📝
July 15: Roster bonus due 5th day of training camp
2024 📝
July 15: Roster bonus due 5th day of training camp
2025 📝
July 15: Roster bonus due 5th day of training camp

Contract Notes

Chris Olave signed a 4 year rookie contract with the New Orleans Saints worth $19,271,872 fully guaranteed including a $11,195,908 signing bonus. Olave has roster bonuses due on the 5th day of training camp 2023-2025.

Cash Flows

- fully earned money
- unearned or partially earned money
Cash Due$11,900,908$1,580,994$2,456,988$3,332,982
Running Cash$11,900,908$13,481,902$15,938,890$19,271,872
Career Earnings: $11,195,908
Career APY: $0
Potential Earnings: $19,271,872
Total Guarantees: $19,271,872
Largest Cash Payment: $11,900,908 (2022)
Largest Cap Number: $6,131,959 (2025)

Contract History

TeamContract TypeStatusYear SignedYrsTotalAPYGuaranteesAmount Earned% EarnedEffective APY
Earnings By Team
TeamYrsSalaryAPYPaid on Cap% Paid on CapPaid as Dead Money% Paid as Dead Money


YearGames PlayedGames InactiveSnapsRushingReceivingFumbles

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OTC ValuationAPY
Injury Adjusted$6,825,000$4,817,968
OTC Valuation $4.4M $8.8M $13.1M $17.5M $21.9M APY $5M $10M $15M $20M $25M $10,493,000 $6,000,000

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