Franchise, Transition, and RFA Tenders

The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for some constraints to free agency. Among them, the CBA allows for each team to use one of either the franchise tag or transition tag on a player who would otherwise become an Unrestricted Free Agent. In addition, players with expiring contracts that have earned exactly three accrued seasons are considered Restricted Free Agents. In order to use these designations, the team must tender a qualifying offer on a one year contract. These tables display the current and projected future values of these tenders. Projected tenders are based on future salary cap estimations and are subject to change when a future salary cap is made official.

Franchise and transition tenders are calculated by adding the respective tag numbers, divided by the sum of the salary caps, from the previous five seasons, and finally multipled by the current season's salary cap. Franchise tag figures are based upon the top five salaries at each respective position, while transition tag figures are based on the top ten.

RFA tenders are calculated by increasing the previous year's respective tender by the same rate as the increase of the salary cap. This increase also must be a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 10%.

2021 Projected Franchise and Transition Tenders

PositionFranchise TagTransition Tag

2021 Projected RFA Tenders

First Round$4,873,000
Second Round$3,422,000
Original Round$2,240,000