NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 7
Rookie Compensation and Rookie Compensation Pool

Section 3(j)
Rookie Contracts


Release or Trade of Drafted Rookies. (i) If a Drafted Rookie is released prior to signing a Player Contract (i.e., the Club withdraws its Tender), the Club’s YearOne Rookie Allocation will be reduced by the released player’s Year-One Minimum Allotment multiplied by the Year-One Rookie Compensation Pool. In the event that a Draft selection (i.e., a draft slot) is assigned to another Club prior to completion of the Draft, the amount of the Year-One Formula Allotment for such selection shall be assigned to the Club receiving the selection. A Club may not assign the exclusive negotiating rights to a Drafted Rookie to another Club if such new Club does not have Room under its YearOne Rookie Allocation equal to at least the original Year-One Minimum Allotment for the player multiplied by the Year-One Rookie Compensation Pool. The New Club will not receive any additional Room in its Year-One Rookie Allocation or Total Rookie Allocation.