NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 55
Player Annuity Program

Section 2

For each League Year of this Agreement, through the League Year ending in 2031, a contribution will continue to be made to the Annuity Program on behalf of the NFL Clubs as follows:


Expenses. The NFL Clubs will make advance contributions to the Annuity Program in an amount sufficient to pay all administrative expenses approved by the Annuity Board. For purposes of this provision the term “administrative expenses” does not include reserve or similar capital requirements.


Allocation. In the Annuity Years (as defined in the Annuity Program document) beginning in 2020 and ending in 2031, an Allocation will be made for each eligible player who earns a Credited Season (as that term is defined in the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan) in an Annuity Year and who has a total of two or more Credited Seasons as of the end of such Annuity Year. The amount of the Allocation will be first allocated to the Qualified Portion not to exceed the maximum permitted under law, with the remainder allocated to the Taxable Portion. The amount of the allocation to the Annuity Program, subject to offset by the allocation made to the Capital Accumulation Plan described in Article 55A, shall be:

Credited Seasons2020-2021 Annuity Years2022-2023 Annuity Years2024-2025 Annuity Years2026-2027 Annuity Years2028-2030 Annuity Years
5 or more$110,000$125,000$140,000$155,000$170,000


Future Contributions. Contributions, if any, for subsequent years will be determined pursuant to future collective bargaining agreements, if any. It will be the duty of the fiduciaries of the Player Annuity Program to pursue all available legal remedies in an effort to assure payment of all contributions due under this Agreement.