NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 45
Injury Protection

Section 12

Any player filing a claim for the Injury Protection benefit must follow the procedure set forth in Article 43. For purposes of this Article only, a grievance must be initiated by October 15th of the League Year in which the Injury Protection benefit is being claimed. A player requesting the Extended Injury Protection benefit must notify his former Club and the NFL in writing by January 31 (following his former Club’s last regular season game of the season following the season of injury) that he believes he remains physically unable to play football. By submitting such written affirmation of his continued injury, the player will be deemed to have filed a claim for the Extended Injury Protection benefit provided for in this Article. If the claim is contested by the Club in writing, Player’s written affirmation will automatically be deemed to constitute a non-injury grievance. Club’s written notice denying the claim will be deemed the answer to the grievance and the Club may then order Player to submit to a physical examination as set forth in Section 7(a) above. By December 15 of each season covered under this Agreement, the NFL agrees to provide the NFLPA with a list of players who received, or filed a grievance for, Injury Protection for that season.