NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 4
NFL Player Contract

Section 1(a)


All player signings during the term of this Agreement shall consist of (a) the .pdf NFL Player Contract Form attached hereto as Appendix A (which may not be modified in the form itself); and (b) any attachment submitted therewith containing any changes agreed to between the Club and player in a player’s contract consistent with the provisions of the CBA, pursuant to Subsection 3(a) below (collectively, the “.pdf Player Contract”). Any such attachment shall be paginated, and each page of any such attachment shall be initialed by the player and the Club. The provision of any Player Contract or copy thereof as required by the CBA (for example, without limitation, as required by Article 4, Section 5 and Article 26, Section 7) may be effectuated by email transmission of the complete .pdf Player Contract to the NFL ( or the NFLPA (, as applicable. Any reference to the “NFL Player Contract” herein shall apply equally to the .pdf NFL Player Contract Form attached hereto as Appendix A, with respect to any player signing on or after February ___, 2020.