NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 22

Section 1

Each League Year each Club may hold a maximum of one mandatory minicamp for veteran players. If a Club hires a new head coach after the end of the prior regular season, that Club may hold one additional voluntary minicamp for veteran players. In the event a Club (i) terminates the employment of its current head coach during the regular season with two or fewer regular season games remaining; and (ii) designates another member of its own coaching staff, or hires a coach from outside the organization, to serve in the capacity of interim head coach for the remainder of the season; and (iii) subsequently hires such interim head coach as the Club’s head coach after the end of that regular season, such coach shall be deemed a “new head coach” for purposes of this Agreement. Any mandatory minicamp for veteran players shall count as one of the nine weeks of the Club’s official offseason workout program under Article 21, Section 2(a) of this Agreement. There is no limitation on the number of minicamps a Club may hold for Rookie players during the seven weeks of the Club’s Rookie Football Development Program.