NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 17

Section 4
League Disclosures

Neither the NFL nor the Management Council shall knowingly communicate or disclose, directly or indirectly, to any NFL Club that another NFL Club has negotiated with or is negotiating with any Restricted Free Agent, unless and until an Offer Sheet for such Restricted Free Agent has been given to the Prior Club, or with any Unrestricted Free Agent, prior to the execution of a Player Contract with that Unrestricted Free Agent, if such communication or disclosure is inconsistent with Section 1 above. It shall not be a violation of this Article for the NFL to respond to an inquiry from a Club about whether and under what circumstances proposed transactions would be permissible under this Agreement or NFL Rules consistent with this Agreement. In conjunction with other evidence of an alleged violation of Section 1 above, a Club’s communication or disclosure of the kind identified in the first sentence of this Section may be offered as evidence of an alleged violation(s) of Section 1 above, but may not be the basis of any separate proceeding seeking any penalty or other relief against any Club or the NFL.