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Response to Mike Tanier’s Anti-Moneyball Article

No disrespect to Mr. Tanier, but his article titled, “NFL Moneyball is Hurting the Browns, Jets, Bills and Competitive Balance,” uses the same tone he uses with his Twitter politics and it’s created not only an inaccurate article, but an annoyingly inaccurate article that will confuse the many people who read that article to what Moneyball actually is, which compelled me to respond to it.


Trending: WRs Under 6 Feet, RBs Over 6 Feet

Today’s analysis is brought to us from the Instagram page of Tony Khan, the son of Jaguars owner Shad Khan as well as their Senior Vice President for Football Technology and Analytics.

His points are two-fold. The first thing he posted was that: “Since the 2011 NFL season, there has been an increase every year in the number of passing targets for wide receivers under six feet tall, from 2471 in 2011 up to 3817 targets in 2016.”


Cultivating Invincibility and the Super Bowl

Over the last two years, many people in the NFL have become interested in stoicism through Ryan Holiday’s books The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy, both of which I read and led me to purchase Ryan’s latest book with Stephen Hanselman, The Daily Stoic. As they wrote in the introduction to this latest book, the stoic philosophers framed their philosophies into three critical disciplines:


Podcast Appearance with

This week I went on Christopher Harris’ podcast to count down 2017’s top ten most fantasy relevant potential cap casualties, while Jon Anik comes on to handicap the Conference Championship Games.

Check out the Harris Football podcast at or download it on iTunes or Stitcher. You can check Chris out on Twitter @HarrisFootball.

Week 1 Thoughts and Notes

I’m going to try to share some of my notes from the weekend of watching football every week (at least most weeks) this season. These will typically just be thoughts I’ve had while watching games, so they won’t be too organized, but hopefully they can spur some thoughts for other writers to explore or just give you another perspective to think about when watching games. Some of these are objective concepts that could be addressed with analytics, while others are more subjective.


The Wolf Of Broad Street: The 3 Quarterback Strategy and Asset Trading

Last November, I spoke to a contact with the Eagles regarding the potential for a three quarterback strategy; up to that point in the season, it was clear to me that Sam Bradford was not someone they wanted to rely on as their quarterback of the future without another long-term option. It was a strategy I saw the 1989 Dallas Cowboys use when they selected Troy Aikman first overall in the draft and Steve Walsh in the first round of the supplemental draft. Rather than bet on one quarterback, they decreased the chance of being without a competent starter by acquiring two high potential guys.


#CBA2020: Replace The NFL Draft With An Auction

Saw Mike Silver from NFL Network and Sports Illustrated tweeting about the idea of abolishing the draft in a conversation about the Joey Bosa situation. My first reaction to this was that this could make teams have to pay more than the current draft positions dictate as they could be forced to pay closer to fair market value for a player. I decided to take some notes and explore that idea.