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Looking at a Possible Contract Extension for Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has been one of the best receivers in the league the past few years, arguably the best. In any matchup he’s faced, even the toughest ones, Brown finds a way to have a big game. It doesn’t even feel surprising anymore when he has monstrous games of ten catches and well over 100 yards. Retaining Antonio Brown for an extended period of time is definitely a top priority for the Steelers, because he and Ben Roethlisberger are a deadly duo.


2016 New Contract Tracker: Wide Receivers – Week 9

Week Nine was an interesting week. Most of the players who signed new contracts in the off-season either had an excellent game or a bad one. Usually, most of the players are on par with their tier, and a few players stand out positively and negatively.

It was tough to choose the Week Nine stud. Doug Baldwin had an excellent game on Monday night against the Bills, posting a line of six catches, for 89 yards. He also caught every pass thrown his way. Rishard Matthews also made a big impact for his team. He was thrown to ten times, the second most of any newly signed wide receiver, and caught six of them for 63 yards and two touchdowns. The Titans definitely got their money’s worth out of Matthews this week. Mohammed Sanu also played better than usual, catching five passes for 74 yards on seven targets. However, the stud of the week goes to Mike Wallace.


2016 New Contract Tracker: Wide Receivers — Week 8

We’ve just hit the halfway point of the season. This is the time when players are evaluated for their first half performance, which is projected to their full season potential. It’s also a good time to see if the players who signed new contracts in the off-season are playing to the value which they were paid. A lot of the wide receivers who were recently inked have had up-and-down games. It’s hard to get a good picture of their performances when looking at them on a weekly basis. So let’s take a look at the best and worst performers of the first eight weeks.


2016 New Contract Tracker: Wide Receivers — Week 7

Sometimes it takes players some time to find their home. Drew Brees was battling injuries in San Diego before making his way to New Orleans, where he became the franchise’s best quarterback, leading them to their first Super Bowl victory. Brett Favre is an obvious one. Once he made it to the Packers, his career statistically became the best of any quarterback to play the game.


2016 New Contract Tracker: Wide Receivers — Week 6

Last week was a strong week for a lot of the newly inked Wide Receivers. This week, however, wasn’t so great. We’re getting into the heart of the season, so, hopefully, these receivers will start to get more consistent. Week Six’s stud is a player who turned back the clock.


2016 New Contract Tracker: Wide Receivers (Week 5)

Now that we’re one week into the second quarter of the season, there’s more or less a feel of who is generally playing well this season. Newly signed/extended Wide Receivers haven’t disappointed. Many of them had big games in Week Five, but here’s the one who had the biggest:


2016 New Contract Tracker: Wide Receivers

As in any year, many Wide Receivers signed deals this off-season. Whether it’s a big-name or middle-class player who signed a big contract, or an average player who inked an average deal, not everyone has been playing to the value for which they signed. That can go two ways. Some players have over-performed while others have under-performed. Every week, I’ll spotlight two players and analyse their contract value versus their production. (more…)