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Feb 09

Looking at Free Agent Running Backs

Today we will take a peek at the free agent running backs in the NFL. I usually try to look at players using two criteria- player generated yards and added yards per target. Player generated yards are determined by calculating how much of a players yards should come from his offensive line (yards before contract) and subtracting that figure from his yards on the season. Yards per target is based on the average yards gained on a pass attempt at the position and comparing it to the players performance.

The number one overall player last year was LeSean McCoy of … Read the rest

Feb 05

Breaking Down the 2014 WR Free Agent Market

On Monday Jason posted a list of the updated available salary cap space for all 32 teams. Though these numbers are not set in stone, they certainly provide a great benchmark as the offseason is now officially underway.

I wanted to take an early look at the WR free agent class for 2014. Just like any other position, it’s rare that the league’s most talented guys will be on this list. The logic behind this is simple—when a team has a Calvin Johnson or a Larry Fitzgerald, they make sure to lock him up before somebody else can. You … Read the rest

Dec 11

A Closer Look at McCown vs Cutler and the Bears Future Decisions

cutlermccown improvement

One of the hot debates in the NFL right now involves the Chicago Bears decision concerning Quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Josh McCown. The two QB’s are almost polar opposites. Cutler is a former first round draft selection with an arm that is among the strongest in the NFL. McCown is the definition of a journeyman, having played on five teams in twelve seasons and only starting a total of 28 games. Cutler will be a free agent in the offseason and a candidate for a franchise tag. McCown will be a free agent as well, and entering the season would … Read the rest

Dec 04

Looking at Possible Contracts For the Raiders Jared Veldheer

NFL Left Tackle Salary

It was reported yesterday that the Raiders and LT Jared Veldheer are working on a contract extension, so I figured we could take a look at what contract possibilities there could be for him. Veldheer is a 26 year old former 3rd round draft choice playing the final year of his contract. He has been sidelined by injury for the first 11 games of the season but prior to that had started 44 games over his three year career and never been injured.

Pass Blocking

I like to break down pass blocking effectiveness using pressures and sacks allowed using a … Read the rest

Nov 20

Looking at the Young Quarterback in the NFL

Young QB yards

With all the recent talk about the young QB’s in the NFL I wanted to take a look using my incremental yards matrix as to how they are performing in 2013. For those unfamiliar with these numbers that I use the way it works is that using data supplied by Pro Football Focus relating to length of passes we can determine how many yards an average QB would pass for on a similar set of throws. By comparing the two we can determine just how many yards the QB actually contributed to the team. The average YPA is as follows:… Read the rest

Nov 01

Fantex: The Vernon Davis Valuation

Yesterday we looked at the Fantex valuation of the Texans’ Arian Foster and today we turn our attention to their valuation of Vernon Davis of the 49ers. Fantex has agreed to pay Davis $4,000,000s in exchange for 10% of his future brand income. Is this a reasonable investment for a 29 year old Tight End?

While we do not have the specifics of the Davis brand contract I’ll assume that it includes salary earned in 2013, similar to how Foster’s income included his 2013 wages from the Houston Texans.  Davis currently is under contract to the 49ers through 2015. In … Read the rest

Oct 31

Looking at Fantex: Valuation of Arian Foster

 Fantex is a new platform in which people will be able to invest in athletes. Essentially the company will pre-pay an athlete a specific amount of money in return for a percentage of his future earnings. A few weeks ago they locked up their first player, RB Arian Foster of the Houston Texans.  Today they have locked up their  second player, TE Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers.

While I consider the idea itself to be somewhat neat, I do feel that there should be major questions as to the amount of money that they are seeing fit to … Read the rest

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