NFL Week 7 Player Valuations

The valuations for week 7 are now updated for each player who played this week. This week’s values are available for free on the valuations page and the full season numbers as well as results from week 1 through 6 are available for premium subscribers.

Top player of the week went to Drew Brees on offense and TJ Watt on defense. Our team of the week was the Chargers while the Patriots took a very unfamiliar spot as the worst in the league in week 7. Here were this week’s top valued players at each position.

PositionPlayerPositional ValueTotal Value
QBDrew Brees$38,621,000$38,621,000
RBChase Edmonds$16,486,000$17,059,000
WRTyler Lockett$22,585,000$22,674,000
WRKeenan Allen$22,049,000$22,049,000
TEDrew Sample$10,846,000$11,782,000
LTDion Dawkins$18,756,000$19,378,000
RTBobby Hart$15,687,000$15,820,000
CRyan Jensen$12,015,000$12,015,000
GChris Lindstrom$14,045,000$14,134,000
GMichael Jordan$13,011,000$13,541,000
EdgeT.J. Watt$24,838,000$25,330,000
EdgeLeonard Floyd$24,873,000$24,873,000
IDLAaron Donald$22,328,000$22,417,000
IDLDexter Lawrence$16,664,000$17,237,000
LBKenneth Murray$14,868,000$14,912,000
LBRoquan Smith$14,485,000$14,574,000
CBBashaud Breeland$19,046,000$19,046,000
CBPatrick Peterson$16,984,000$17,514,000
CBCarlton Davis$16,828,000$17,358,000
SQuandre Diggs$14,114,000$14,787,000
SJulian Love$13,660,000$14,660,000
PTy Long$3,066,000$3,066,000
KZane Gonzalez$3,775,000$3,775,000
LSAaron Brewer$1,422,000$1,422,000

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