NFL Week 8 Player Valuations: Midseason Players of the Year

The valuations for week 8 are now updated for each player who played this week. This week’s values are available for free on the valuations page and the full season numbers as well as results from week 1 through 7 are available for premium subscribers. Rather than highlight the top performers for the week I thought it would be better to look at the top players at each position for the season.

Not surprisingly MVP frontrunner Russell Wilson is our top player of the year with a $38.5M valuation. On the rest of the offense it is filled with some expected heavy hitters- Derrick Henry, DeAndre Hopkins, Quenton Nelson, and Travis Kelce. They were joined by some surprising players- left tackle Garrett Bolles of the Broncos and right tackle Kelvin Beachum of the Cardinals, two of the better NFL stories of the year.

On defense TJ Watt was our top valued player at $26.9 million. Other big names to make the list include Myles Garrett, Aaron Donald, Bobby Wagner, Stephon Tuitt, and Lavonte David. At cornerback and safety we had some bigger surprised with Bryce Callahan, Brian Poole, Duron Harmon, and Jessie Bates making the list.

Here are the top rated players at each position for the season so far.

PositionPlayerPositional ValueTotal Value
QBRussell Wilson$38,532,000$38,532,000
RBDerrick Henry$15,792,000$15,792,000
WRDeAndre Hopkins$20,848,000$20,848,000
WRD.K. Metcalf$19,678,000$19,678,000
TETravis Kelce$12,175,000$12,175,000
LTGarett Bolles$18,345,000$18,807,000
RTKelvin Beachum$14,478,000$14,984,000
CCorey Linsley$12,731,000$12,731,000
GAli Marpet$12,659,000$13,168,000
GQuenton Nelson$12,331,000$12,832,000
EdgeT.J. Watt$26,785,000$26,912,000
EdgeMyles Garrett$21,948,000$22,424,000
IDLAaron Donald$20,844,000$21,302,000
IDLStephon Tuitt$18,080,000$18,694,000
LBBobby Wagner$15,115,000$15,657,000
LBLavonte David$15,556,000$15,589,000
CBBryce Callahan$19,089,000$19,622,000
CBJaire Alexander$18,510,000$18,548,000
CBBrian Poole$15,924,000$16,643,000
SJessie Bates III$14,320,000$14,448,000
SDuron Harmon$12,273,000$12,827,000
PBradley Pinion$3,408,000$3,408,000
KJustin Tucker$4,037,000$4,037,000
LSMorgan Cox$1,178,000$1,178,000

While these players are the top players of 2020 who is bringing the most value? To calculate this we subtract a players annual contract value from his OTC value to determine how much of a benefit a team realizes. These are generally rookies playing well and veterans outperforming cheap contracts. If the players hit a great season right before they are eligible for free agency or an extension they have a good chance to get a great contract. Here are the best values on the season so far.

PositionPlayerTotal ValueAnnual ValueValue over APY
QBJosh Allen$34,879,000$5,295,759$29,583,241
RBDavid Montgomery$12,836,000$1,003,845$11,832,155
WRD.K. Metcalf$19,678,000$1,146,513$18,531,487
WRTerry McLaurin$15,893,000$961,918$14,931,082
TEDalton Schultz$9,726,000$728,089$8,997,911
LTGarett Bolles$18,807,000$2,758,034$16,048,966
RTKelvin Beachum$14,984,000$1,187,500$13,796,500
CChase Roullier$10,540,000$636,795$9,903,205
GConnor Williams$11,126,000$1,372,249$9,753,751
GAlex Cappa$9,617,000$842,176$8,774,824
EdgeT.J. Watt$26,912,000$2,314,703$24,597,297
EdgeHarold Landry$12,566,000$1,683,423$10,882,577
IDLShelby Harris$13,053,000$3,250,000$9,803,000
IDLJeffery Simmons$12,184,000$3,165,939$9,018,061
LBFred Warner$14,624,000$994,831$13,629,169
LBAlexander Johnson$11,804,000$615,000$11,189,000
CBJaire Alexander$18,548,000$3,012,684$15,535,316
CBCarlton Davis$16,599,000$1,098,279$15,500,721
CBBryce Callahan$19,622,000$6,191,177$13,430,823
SJessie Bates III$14,448,000$1,236,954$13,211,046
SXavier Woods$10,267,000$639,905$9,627,095
PJack Fox$2,820,000$510,000$2,310,000
KJason Sanders$3,379,000$637,800$2,741,200
LSZach Triner$1,161,000$540,000$621,000

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