New Contract Tracker: Quarterbacks and Interior DL

Sometimes you’ll hear a song for the first time, get caught up in the rhythm, and end up surprised that you find it catchy. So you look forward to hearing it again, telling people how much you like the song and enjoy how it makes you feel when you hear it.

Then, after a while, the positive vibes begin to erode and you begin to notice that it isn’t actually a lyrically well-written tune. The once-catchy beat begins to assault your ear canal when you realize there’s not much substance to it and ultimately you become quickly irritated at the mere thought of having to listen to that song anymore. You delete it from your memory and hope no one remembers how much you gushed over it the year prior.

This is the audio equivalent of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s tenure with the Jets.  He is “Blurred Lines” in human form.

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State Tax Rates

Today I would like to explore the impact different state and city tax rates have on teams and players across the league. I have seen articles that broached this topic but usually limited it to “California has a 13.3% income tax and Florida has no income tax, so California teams have 13.3% less to work with than Florida teams”. While this is directionally accurate, it is a vast oversimplification. Below I’m going to go into more detail on two tax-related issues: the differing purchasing powers of each NFL team, and analyzing a few free agency moves from earlier this year to show how state taxes may impact a player’s decision.

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Most and Least Valuable Quarterbacks: Week 3

As a weekly feature I’ll be assigning values based on a statistics based formula to every quarterback in the NFL. The statistical output is converted into dollar figures to reflect what a performance like this in a given week is worth to a team. The excess value created by the player is the difference between his value for the week and his annual salary.

Top 3 Quarterbacks

Trevor Siemian- $20.7M

This was a banner week for John Elway whose QB gave him a 4 touchdown, 312 yard performance to earn the top spot for the week. Elway’s decision making on the QB position has been criticized, but the narrative changed big this week after Siemian’s play versus Brock Osweiler’s in a national stage game. Continue reading Most and Least Valuable Quarterbacks: Week 3 »

Week 1 Thoughts and Notes

I’m going to try to share some of my notes from the weekend of watching football every week (at least most weeks) this season. These will typically just be thoughts I’ve had while watching games, so they won’t be too organized, but hopefully they can spur some thoughts for other writers to explore or just give you another perspective to think about when watching games. Some of these are objective concepts that could be addressed with analytics, while others are more subjective.

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2016 Cap And Roster Texture Overview

Now that rosters have been finalized for the 2016 regular season, it’s time to take a look at how the textures of each team shape out to be.  I encourage you to take a look at the charts and tables containing texture data at the main page here.  As you do so, in this article I’ll list one aspect that I find interesting for all 32 teams–feel free to comment on your own observations below. Continue reading 2016 Cap And Roster Texture Overview »

2017 Compensatory Draft Picks Update (9/4/2016)

Now that the NFL’s rosters have been trimmed down to 53 players, it’s time to take a brief review of where OTC’s projections for the 2017 compensatory picks stand.  This year, there have been very few changes from the update from May, therefore I won’t repost the table in this article, and instead direct you to view OTC’s main draft page, as well as the cancellation chart.  Instead, I’ll just quickly review some of the new things to watch out for. Continue reading 2017 Compensatory Draft Picks Update (9/4/2016) »