Philly Media Created Kelly Hysteria

Monday’s Bills at Patriots game was a good example of two teams with entirely different team building strategies as the Patriots have built around Tom Brady at quarterback and the Bills don’t have that elite quarterback. In Caponomics, the only way I’ve figured how to explain these two main models are the QB centric model and the Run-First/Defensive model. It’s obvious who is who.

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Thoughts on the State of the Jets

It’s that time of year again when the salary cap hat goes completely off and the Jets fan comes out for a “state of the Jets” post, which has been requested by a few of the readers on the site given the Jets recent lack of success. The team has lost 4 of their last 5 and has looked poor in a majority of those games, games that most expected at worst would have produced a 3-2 record. Today the Jets released LB/DE Quinton Coples, the teams 2012 first round pick, a move that would be described as the team’s front office looking to send a message to the team that no job, no matter how much money you earn or how much draft capital the team has invested in you, is safe. So I’ll share my thoughts on the team and answer any questions you may have either in the comments or via email. Continue reading Thoughts on the State of the Jets »

#BUFvsNE: Belichick’s Chess Match

Just a quick note on this Bills/Patriots game we’re watching right now off of something Jon Gruden said.

He mentioned that the Patriots had been changing personnel, frequently moving from three tight ends to three receivers and back again. As I think Gruden pointed out, eventually Belichick will catch you with the wrong personnel and take advantage of it.

Off of that I realized that when he does get that wrong combination for the defense against his personnel on the offense, then he can capitalize on that and then exploit it all the way down the field if they stay in the personnel and stay in no huddle so that the defense doesn’t have time to substitute.

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Compensatory Picks Can Now Be Traded: What Impact Could That Have?

Compensatory picks are one of the mysteries of the NFL where most know little about them (and thus spurring my effort to demystify the process). But the one aspect that average NFL fans have known about compensatory picks for years is that they can’t be traded.

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Updates To OTC’s Draft Page for 2016 And To Player Pages

With half of the 2015 season in the books, it’s that unenviable time of year for fans of some teams to start looking toward next season.  Thus, it’s time to adjust OTC’s draft page for 2016 figures.  There’s also a small addition I’ve made to the player pages that could possibly set the foundation for larger additions in the future.

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Nate Boyer’s Next Mission

Former Seahawks long snapper Nate Boyer is onto his next mission and it’s even more important than the last two.

I know most front offices in the NFL read, so let’s do something good this week in the spirit of Marlin’s Man…

Former University of Texas and Seattle Seahawks long snapper and Green Beret, Nate Boyer, has started #ConqueringKili, which will empower wounded veterans through helping them climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

Personally, that’s enough of something for me to get behind because, as someone who’s had his own obstacles to overcome the last few years, I can vouch for the almost therapeutic exercise of climbing hills/mountains as I’ve been doing it in the Ramapo Mountains of New Jersey almost every day for months. The issues that these veterans face are the same kinds of issues that our athletes face in many ways… but they don’t get paid as much money to do it or have the same quality of care that someone like Dez Bryant just had on his very valuable foot. Helping veterans remember that they are true “1%-ers,” which is my favorite term for people who do the things that 99% of people won’t do, is an important enough task, but Boyer and #ConqueringKili will also be creating two water wells in Africa for villages of people who have no access to clean water…

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Commitment Index Updated: 2015 Week 6

The NFL season is roughly a third way of the way over, and a number of teams are already in a highly undesirable situation for 2015.  With roster movement and contract extensions mostly finished for the league year, let’s take a look at an updated version of Commitment Index.  As a reminder, Commitment Index measures how committed each team is from a salary cap perspective to its current roster as a percentage of the commitment level of a hypothetical average team.  As a result, 100% is average, and 150% is 50% more committed than average.

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