Wide Receiver Consistency

In several of my WR and TE tier articles this year, I have used consistency or lack thereof as a reason why a particular player is or is not meeting his contract expectations. However, “Player A is consistent and Player B is not” without supporting analysis isn’t a very strong argument. Today, I would like to explore two methods of determining a player’s consistency: median statistics and frequency of hitting specific milestones.

My first several posts on receivers and tight ends looked at production when averaged over 16 games. While it is important to look at season totals, a significant missing piece was what to do with players like Marvin Jones who started the season hot, then cooled off significantly. Jones’ 2016 totals should look good when viewed as one number, but the Lions are really getting several games at amazing value and several games where they’re getting well below market value.

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New Contract Tracker: Quarterbacks and Interior DL

Don’t look now but the Washington Redskins are 5-3-1 and would be a participant in the NFC playoffs if the regular season was completed.  On Sunday, they won a slugfest with the suddenly reeling Minnesota Vikings and have positioned themselves to be a  legitimate factor the rest of the way.   

Leading the charge, of course, is free-agent-to-be quarterback Kirk Cousins, who we already declared is taking the Joe Flacco path to financial success.  His error-free effort versus arguably the best defense in football is another round of ammunition Cousins will bringing with him to the bargaining table at the conclusion of the league year. 

Of all the improbable future NFL headlines I though I’d never read, this one might take the cake next season: 

“Cousins to Sign $100M Contract”

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New Contract Tracker: Quarterbacks and Interior DL

Earlier this week, we the people decided who we want to lead us into the near future from the Presidential Palace.  Regardless of whether we as individuals supported the eventual winner or not, ultimately it was decided that a radical change was necessary at the top.

After years of what people felt was a whole lot of wheel-spinning and not enough tangible, positive end results, it was clear that the fear of “more of the same” shook many to their core and was the impetus for taking a different path.

I wonder if those in charge of choosing a leader to guide the LA Rams feel empowered to similarly shake things up in the land of 7-9.

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The Status Of Traded 2017 Compensatory Picks, Halloween Edition

In the wake of the recent trade of Jamie Collins from the New England Patriots to the Cleveland Browns, it generated some interesting discussions on Twitter as to what implications this will mean for 2017 compensatory picks, given that this is the first draft in which they may be traded.  Therefore, I thought it would be prudent to recap the precise transactions that have been made, when weighed against OTC’s current projections. Continue reading The Status Of Traded 2017 Compensatory Picks, Halloween Edition »

New Contract Tracker: Quarterbacks and Interior DL

Sometimes you’ll hear a song for the first time, get caught up in the rhythm, and end up surprised that you find it catchy. So you look forward to hearing it again, telling people how much you like the song and enjoy how it makes you feel when you hear it.

Then, after a while, the positive vibes begin to erode and you begin to notice that it isn’t actually a lyrically well-written tune. The once-catchy beat begins to assault your ear canal when you realize there’s not much substance to it and ultimately you become quickly irritated at the mere thought of having to listen to that song anymore. You delete it from your memory and hope no one remembers how much you gushed over it the year prior.

This is the audio equivalent of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s tenure with the Jets.  He is “Blurred Lines” in human form.

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