Thoughts on Terrell Owens and the NFL HOF

On last week’s podcast I discussed some thoughts on Terrell Owens and since that’s a story that’s still lingering around I thought I’d move off the cap stuff for a few minutes to talk a bit about Owens. I always find the Hall of Fame voting pretty fascinating and I think the way that its structured you will see situations like with Owens where it’s easy to leave him off and then figure you will get back to him in a future year. I can buy that argument and think it’s the reason why many times players that seem like no brainers for the Hall fall short for a few years. This was a bit different though as there were a few stories that popped up about Owens being unprofessional, that nobody wanted him around their locker room and then the kicker- that he dropped the ball too much.  Continue reading Thoughts on Terrell Owens and the NFL HOF »

Evaluating 2014 Free Agency With Regard To 2015 Compensatory Picks

Free agency in the NFL is always filled with fool’s gold.  Sometimes a team strikes real gold, but It’s well established that many high profile free agent signings don’t live up to the billing of their contract.  Some of these signings also have long lasting effects via the compensatory draft pick system.  As the league starts to gear up for 2017’s free agency period, I thought I’d add another annual piece to studying the compensatory pick system by looking three years back and pinpointing teams that either navigated free agency in 2014 so poorly that it cost them comp picks in 2015, or navigated it wisely and got talent that outweighed the sacrifice of potential 2015 comp picks. Continue reading Evaluating 2014 Free Agency With Regard To 2015 Compensatory Picks »

Trending: WRs Under 6 Feet, RBs Over 6 Feet

Today’s analysis is brought to us from the Instagram page of Tony Khan, the son of Jaguars owner Shad Khan as well as their Senior Vice President for Football Technology and Analytics.

His points are two-fold. The first thing he posted was that: “Since the 2011 NFL season, there has been an increase every year in the number of passing targets for wide receivers under six feet tall, from 2471 in 2011 up to 3817 targets in 2016.”

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Things to Watch For in Free Agency

Was reading some things on Twitter today and I got to thinking about how this may be a more unique free agent period than anything we have seen before for a few reasons. Why is it unique?  A few reasons. For one we have unprecedented levels of cap space with two teams likely nearing $100M in cap room and multiple teams in excess of $50 million. Many of these teams are clearly desperate for talent and have new coaches in play that will be expected to turn things around quickly. Secondly we are entering the second cash spending period and that comes with a bit of a twist. This I don’t think this is a great group of free agents which may make released players more attractive than they typically have been in the past. So lets explore some little tidbits that may happen in the next few weeks. Continue reading Things to Watch For in Free Agency »

Cultivating Invincibility and the Super Bowl

Over the last two years, many people in the NFL have become interested in stoicism through Ryan Holiday’s books The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy, both of which I read and led me to purchase Ryan’s latest book with Stephen Hanselman, The Daily Stoic. As they wrote in the introduction to this latest book, the stoic philosophers framed their philosophies into three critical disciplines:

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Podcast Appearance with

This week I went on Christopher Harris’ podcast to count down 2017’s top ten most fantasy relevant potential cap casualties, while Jon Anik comes on to handicap the Conference Championship Games.

Check out the Harris Football podcast at or download it on iTunes or Stitcher. You can check Chris out on Twitter @HarrisFootball.

Introducing The Proven Performance Escalator Projections Page

Art. 7, §4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement establishes what is known as the Proven Performance Escalator (PPE).  The PPE creates an automatic raise in the fourth year Paragraph 5 salary of players still on their rookie contracts (drafted between Rounds 3 and 7) who have participated in either 35% of a teams offensive or defensive snaps in two of his first three seasons, or in 35% of all offensive or defensive snaps over his entire first three years.  Players who earn the PPE will see their fourth year P5 salary raise to the lowest restricted free agent (RFA) tender for that season.

While RFA tender amounts have yet to be announced, OTC is able to estimate which players have either earned, or are on track to earn, the PPE.  Once the RFA tenders are announced, you should soon see each player’s Year 4 P5 salary rise on their respective page.

Additionally, OTC has now built an entire page devoted to projecting which players are on track to earn the PPE.  You may find this page here. Continue reading Introducing The Proven Performance Escalator Projections Page »