Quick Thoughts on Top 25

After watching the games last weekend, I knew I needed to check out the AP Top 25 after the weekend to confirm what we all already knew: the SEC is king.

There are 6 SEC teams in the Top 25, but more impressive than that is the fact that there are FIVE in the Top 10, FOUR in the Top 7 and that’s with nonsense like Notre Dame at #5 in front of Auburn and Alabama who would smoke them.

This is all with teams like Florida, LSU, South Carolina and last year’s runner-up, Missouri, all outside the Top 25. Read the rest

@ZackMooreNFL’s MNF Pick

Well, I’ve had a terrible few weeks, I went 1-6 yesterday which is similar to my 1-5 fantasy football record in one of my leagues, while a kid who didn’t even show up for the draft is 4-2.

Seeing how crazy fantasy football will drive you, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be the owner or GM of a team must be. Every week I feel like more of a failure. You look at your team on paper in a 2-QB, PPR league with guys like Peyton Manning, Big Ben, LeVeon, Vereen, Golden Tate, Pierre Thomas, … Read the rest

The Questions Woody Johnson Must Ask About Idzik, Rex, and the Jets

With another lackluster loss in the books for the Jets I wanted to look at some of the decisions that the team will need to make in the future regarding their current front office. The decisions in this case need to come from the top, and that lies with the owner Woody Johnson making some very difficult decisions about the team that he must be firm on.

The Jets have had a different way of dealing with some of their front office decisions than most (not necessarily all, but most) teams in the NFL. When the Jets hired John Idzik … Read the rest

Football: An MMA Match of Creativity and Creating Confusion

Thursday night, I was thinking about the way what used to be considered correct, factual information has changed over just a few hundred years–how  so much in science, for instance, of a few hundred years ago has changed. That got me thinking how today’s truths will be seen a few hundred years from now. It is an illustration of how you need to think outside of the norm and broaden your horizons of thinking to find new answers.

It made me think about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and how much the practice of martial arts has improved in the twenty Read the rest

Zack’s TNF Pick!

After a 5-3 weekend last week, the Saints, Steelers and Falcons did me wrong, I want to get one teaser in for tonight’s game! My record now stands at 19-17-1.

The Vikings travel to Green Bay to face the Packers and the spread will be GB -9 and the number will be 47.

Considering that Teddy Bridgewater is unlikely to play and heavy rains are likely, I want to tease this game to Green Bay -3 and UNDER 53.

After the way the Packers offense put up 38 in Chicago last week, I don’t think the rain will affect … Read the rest

Thoughts on the Jets, John Idzik, and Rex Ryan

I think everyone who reads my work or listens to my podcasts knows I’m a Jets fan and originally ran a Jets salary cap site. I used to post my thoughts after Jets games on the nyjetscap site but due to the time constraints and work involved in OTC have been unable to do that this year. I had a number of requests for the post games this week and tonight so if you are not a Jets fan just bear with me. The process of posting here is much easier for me and I’ll get back to the usual … Read the rest

Zack’s Thursday Night Fantasy…Football

I don’t think I could think of a creepier way to say, “Fantasy Football Analysis of Tonight’s Giants at Redskins Game,” but maybe it got your attention!

Anyway, sorry I haven’t been able to do The AmeriMan Life podcast regarding weekly recaps and looking forward to the next weekend’s games, but I’ve been swamped with stuff and just trying to catch up. I just wanted to give a quick take on

On to tonight’s game…

There are a few reasons I won’t touch this game from a betting perspective:

I really don’t know who these teams are yet and definitely … Read the rest