Video Blog: Super Bowl Winners Stats and Leaders

Rather than just give you something long to read, I’ll discuss the figures in the video linked here that’s made up of some of the notes I took when looking at the data. I hope that it’s a nice supplement to the figures below and it is meant to be just that, a supplement, as I think that everyone should look at the figures below and come to their own conclusions. (To open the link in another tab, hold the command button and left-click on your keypad/mouse.)

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GM League update

Hey folks, I noticed some people who expressed interest in the initial post seem to have not made it over yet to claim their teams (namely the Colts and Texans). We are filling up the last spots so I wanted to initiate a last call of sorts. We want to try to get things officially started in the next couple of days. To join up use this link and to claim your team, assuming they are available, post in this thread

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General Manager League – An Offseason Roster Adventure

For those of us wishing we had a bit more control over what our favourite teams do, or simply just love the roster gymnastics of the offseason, I’d like to introduce and invite you to the General Manager League.

Essentially you are taking over a team and running them through the NFL offseason from a certain point in time forward against other human players. If you’ve followed your favourite team during the offseason, or played Madden’s franchise mode, you know the process. There are some tweaks as it’s a one year league, but the general idea remains the same. The … Read the rest

@ZackMooreNFL’s Championship Weekend Playoff Picks

I was hot heading into Sunday last weekend at 5-1 before I lost by picking both the Packers -6 and the Broncos -7.5. Well, let’s get back on the right path. A very interesting thing about these two games is that they’re rematches of games played earlier in the season and I’m going to pick both teams that got blown out…



Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks (-0); (o/u 44.5)

This is a matchup between the best scoring offense against the best scoring defense and promises to be a much better battle than the Seahawks 36-16 beat down … Read the rest

The Patriots…The Ravens Way: Reload What Works

A quick one during the first half of the Ravens at Patriots game. Please excuse any mistakes..

The Ravens reminded us last weekend against the Steelers that they’re built for the playoffs and, more importantly, they’ve attempted to build their roster the same way they did when they won the Super Bowl after the 2012 season. I felt compelled to write about this as this Ravens at Patriots game kicks off as I’ve been thinking about it all week how the Ravens have created a line-up similar to what they had when they won the Super Bowl and I alluded … Read the rest

Buccaneers 2015 Offseason Salary Cap Outlook


Estimated 2015 Cap Space: $29.8 million ($140M cap limit)


Roster Overview

Players Under Contract: 43
Pro Bowlers: 1
Unrestricted Free Agents: 11(1 with 50%+ playtime)
Draft Selection: 1

 Salary Cap Breakdown

Buccaneers 2015 Salary Cap


Buccaneers 2015 Offensive Salary Cap SpendingBuccaneers Defensive Spending2


Free Agents to Re-sign

With Gerald McCoy already re-signed there is little left for Tampa Bay to do as they prepare for the offseason. LB Danny Lansanah has bounced around the NFL for years and seems to have finally found a home. He has been effective in his starts this year.  The Bucs control his rights so he won’t be going anywhere next season…There is … Read the rest

Poll: You Make the Call on the Jets Coach and GM in 2015

I asked this on Twitter today and got a number of responses so I thought it was worth adding as a poll to make it easier to collect responses.

I closed the poll after getting a reasonable number of replies on it and I’ll go over the responses now:

1. Retain Rex Ryan and John Idzik (4.2%)- This ended up as the least popular option indicating that the fanbase is pretty fed up with this tandem and does not believe they can operate together. Even knowing tht it was playoffs or bust with this scenario most just figured its … Read the rest