Ranking the NFL Pass Rushers

I decided to fool around with my pass rusher rankings the other night and thought it might make an interesting post as we wind down the season. The way I try to look at pass rushers is a bit different so I’ll explain the methodology using the Chiefs’ Justin Houston, who rates as my most efficient pass rusher for the positions I looked at (34OLB, 43DE 3DE).

Using stats maintained by Pro Football Focus we can determine that when a QB drops back to pass without pressure he completes a pass 67.4% of the time. We consider that a success … Read the rest

NFL Predictions 2014: Week 12

Some big upsets last week which helped lead to a 7-7 record SU and 8-6 record ATS. My record on the season now stands at 104-56-1 and 93-64-4.  I’m not off to a good start with the pick of the Chiefs on Thursday. Let’s hope or better luck today…


Browns (+3) over FALCONS- Cleveland needs a better effort than last week, but should get somewhat healthy against a poor Falcons defense.  If Browns defense dictates the pace of the game they will win outright. Browns 21 Falcons 17

EAGLES (-11) over Titans- Philly was embarrassed last week  … Read the rest

Updates to the Salary Cap Calculator

As we approach November with some teams already looking to 2015, I’ve made a few updates to the Salary Cap Calculator to prepare accordingly.

  • Numerous changes to the architecture were made behind the scenes that won’t be obvious to the user but were needed for better operation and maintainability.
  • The calculator has been adjusted to put 2014 in the rearviewmirror and to focus primarily on 2015.
  • That said, transactions may now be conducted on players beyond 2015.  This should be helpful for users to forecast when appropriate cuts/restructures/etc need to be made further down the road.
  • Finally, in a feature
  • Read the rest

Why Rex Ryan Should Go Regardless of the Next 7 Games

I often get asked about Rex Ryan and John Idzik and thoughts on the future of both, which I’ve discussed in detail here before. But I wanted to expand some thoughts on Ryan in light of his recent comments which essentially said to judge him on his next 7 games.

If the Jets need these 7 games to make a decision, one way or the other, the organization is lost. Ryan has been the head coach of the Jets since 2009. He has coached 89 games. To think that these 7 games should mean anything is absurd and to turn … Read the rest

Jets Get Slaughtered by the Bills

Time for my quick jump into Jets related stuff after a 20 point loss to the Bills…

I think at this point its fair to say that the Jets have reached Kotite levels as they are sitting at 1-7 with no quarterback, no offense, and no hope.

The Jets finally benched Geno Smith who looked like he was completely lost on the field and that his mind was in a totally different place.  Im not sure Ive seen a stretch of plays as bad as the ones Smith had on the field. 3 turnovers. Passes all over the field. A … Read the rest

Quick Thoughts on Top 25

After watching the games last weekend, I knew I needed to check out the AP Top 25 after the weekend to confirm what we all already knew: the SEC is king.

There are 6 SEC teams in the Top 25, but more impressive than that is the fact that there are FIVE in the Top 10, FOUR in the Top 7 and that’s with nonsense like Notre Dame at #5 in front of Auburn and Alabama who would smoke them.

This is all with teams like Florida, LSU, South Carolina and last year’s runner-up, Missouri, all outside the Top 25. Read the rest