Podcast Appearance with HarrisFootball.com

This week I went on Christopher Harris’ podcast to count down 2017’s top ten most fantasy relevant potential cap casualties, while Jon Anik comes on to handicap the Conference Championship Games.

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Introducing The Proven Performance Escalator Projections Page

Art. 7, §4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement establishes what is known as the Proven Performance Escalator (PPE).  The PPE creates an automatic raise in the fourth year Paragraph 5 salary of players still on their rookie contracts (drafted between Rounds 3 and 7) who have participated in either 35% of a teams offensive or defensive snaps in two of his first three seasons, or in 35% of all offensive or defensive snaps over his entire first three years.  Players who earn the PPE will see their fourth year P5 salary raise to the lowest restricted free agent (RFA) tender for that season.

While RFA tender amounts have yet to be announced, OTC is able to estimate which players have either earned, or are on track to earn, the PPE.  Once the RFA tenders are announced, you should soon see each player’s Year 4 P5 salary rise on their respective page.

Additionally, OTC has now built an entire page devoted to projecting which players are on track to earn the PPE.  You may find this page here. Continue reading Introducing The Proven Performance Escalator Projections Page »

Projecting The 2017 Compensatory Draft Picks

This article refers specifically to OTC’s projection for the 2017 NFL Draft’s compensatory picks. For details on the basics and methodology of projecting compensatory picks in general, please reference this article.

Furthermore, due to the complexity I have written separate articles on all possible compensatory pick scenarios on the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins.  You may find the Broncos’ article at Thin Air, and the Dolphins’ article here at OTC. Continue reading Projecting The 2017 Compensatory Draft Picks »

2017 Compensatory Pick Projection For The Dolphins

Due to the complexity of scenarios for the Miami Dolphins regarding the projection of the 2017 compensatory draft picks, I have decided to write this separate article to better explain all the possible scenarios for them.  I have written a similar article for the Denver Broncos here, and you may find the leaguewide projection here at OTC tomorrow, on January 7.  Please also reference this article explaining the compensatory draft pick system in general. Continue reading 2017 Compensatory Pick Projection For The Dolphins »

Ranking the NFL Coaching Vacancies

This past weekend I was tinkering with some ways in which I would rank teams in the NFL in terms f being desirable for a new coach/front office. This is still a bit of a work in progress but with head coaching vacancies front and center in the NFL world I thought it was a good time to post on it. The criteria by which I am ranking a team is as follows:

1. Wins
2. 2017 Cap Space
3. 2017 Cap Flexibility
4. Potential Turnover
5. Age
6. Homegrown Contributors
7. Return on Investment

Continue reading Ranking the NFL Coaching Vacancies »

2017 Potential Cuts: Running Back

Over the next few weeks I’ll be looking ahead to players who may be cut/traded/renegotiated in 2017. The first entry was for the QB position and today I’ll look at the running backs in the NFL, who may see 3 of the top 5 contracts drop off the charts next year.

1. Jamaal Charles, Chiefs
Cap Saved: $7 million/Cash Saved: $7 million

Charles is very popular with Chiefs fans, but he has only been active for 8 games in the last two years, and only a real participant in five of those games. He has had multiple injuries and even for healthy players, the age of 31 is usually not considered a strong age for high level play at the position. Charles $7 million cap hit is the 4th highest and his $7 million salary is 2nd highest among all running backs. The Chiefs have other concerns with their salary cap and have already moved on from Charles on the field. Continue reading 2017 Potential Cuts: Running Back »

Playing GM of the Jets Part 4: Defense and Final Thoughts

This is the final part of my look at the Jets and it focuses on the defense and my genral toughts on the team. Since it was longer than expected I split the offense and defense into two parts. To read about the Jets offense click here otherwise read on…

Defensive Line

The biggest disappointment on the team comes from this unit. The Jets finally caved in on Muhammad Wilkerson at the last second and then realized they had too many players for two slots. Wilkerson has an $18 million cap charge and his $14.75 million salary is guaranteed which pretty much makes him the only player with no risk of being released. Would someone trade for a $15 million salary?  Probably not. Continue reading Playing GM of the Jets Part 4: Defense and Final Thoughts »