Zack’s MNF Pick

This is why you don’t bet heavy in the first few weeks of the season, none of us really have any idea how the season’s going to shake out, let alone early in the NFL season.

I don’t think anyone predicted…

…that the Saints would lose to the Browns who didn’t have Ben Tate, Jordan Cameron or the still suspended Josh Gordon to go to 0-2 on the season.

…that Kirk Cousins would come in for an injured RG3 and essentially “Wally Pipp” him with a commanding performance as the Redskins offense exploded for 41 points under his leadership.

…that … Read the rest

THREE Moore Picks!

Looking past these one o’clock games, I want to throw out three more picks.

I like the Seahawks at -4 1/2 in San Diego as well as the Texans at -3 in Oakland.

Like everyone has said in fantasy circles this week, don’t start any of your Chargers, so I don’t expect them to be able to beat the Seahawks as they’ve looked like they’ve somehow improved from where they were last season!

Oakland looked HORRENDOUS against the Jets last week, so I expect JJ, Cush, Andre and Arian to all have big days.

And lastly, in the Sunday Night … Read the rest

Josh Gordon, Marijuana, and another NFL Lawsuit

Josh Gordon will be out for this entire NFL season for having marijuana in his system at some point last season.

Now, he broke a rule, and rules are rules. When you break one, you suffer the consequences. On the other hand, is it a smart rule any longer, given the fact that marijuana is legal in the two states whose teams played in last February’s Super Bowl and an increasing body of research that suggests it is safe or, put differently, has positive effects in certain circumstances?

Last spring, I went to a Sports Law Symposium at the New … Read the rest

Perspective on Michael Sam Being Cut

I was inspired to comment on this story as so many in the Twitter-verse are either commenting that Michael Sam got cut because he’s gay or they’re saying “I told you so bro, he’s just not good enough to play in the NFL.” Both statements are wrong.

The Rams drafted Michael Sam because they saw him as the best player on the board in the 7th round, but they were also pretty well stacked at the defensive end position. They’re paying their top three defensive ends Chris Long, William Hayes and Robert Quinn about $18 million combined this season, … Read the rest