Most and Least Valuable Quarterbacks: Week 3

As a weekly feature I’ll be assigning values based on a statistics based formula to every quarterback in the NFL. The statistical output is converted into dollar figures to reflect what a performance like this in a given week is worth to a team. The excess value created by the player is the difference between his value for the week and his annual salary.

Top 3 Quarterbacks

Trevor Siemian- $20.7M

This was a banner week for John Elway whose QB gave him a 4 touchdown, 312 yard performance to earn the top spot for the week. Elway’s decision making on the QB position has been criticized, but the narrative changed big this week after Siemian’s play versus Brock Osweiler’s in a national stage game. Continue reading Most and Least Valuable Quarterbacks: Week 3 »

Week 1 Thoughts and Notes

I’m going to try to share some of my notes from the weekend of watching football every week (at least most weeks) this season. These will typically just be thoughts I’ve had while watching games, so they won’t be too organized, but hopefully they can spur some thoughts for other writers to explore or just give you another perspective to think about when watching games. Some of these are objective concepts that could be addressed with analytics, while others are more subjective.

Continue reading Week 1 Thoughts and Notes »

2016 Cap And Roster Texture Overview

Now that rosters have been finalized for the 2016 regular season, it’s time to take a look at how the textures of each team shape out to be.  I encourage you to take a look at the charts and tables containing texture data at the main page here.  As you do so, in this article I’ll list one aspect that I find interesting for all 32 teams–feel free to comment on your own observations below. Continue reading 2016 Cap And Roster Texture Overview »

2017 Compensatory Draft Picks Update (9/4/2016)

Now that the NFL’s rosters have been trimmed down to 53 players, it’s time to take a brief review of where OTC’s projections for the 2017 compensatory picks stand.  This year, there have been very few changes from the update from May, therefore I won’t repost the table in this article, and instead direct you to view OTC’s main draft page, as well as the cancellation chart.  Instead, I’ll just quickly review some of the new things to watch out for. Continue reading 2017 Compensatory Draft Picks Update (9/4/2016) »

Eric Fisher’s New Contract Shows New Reality for Left Tackles

So today I was busy working on some projects and finally got around to going online and saw the Chiefs signed tackle Eric Fisher to a four year, $48 million contract extension. I actually did a double take on that one just to make sure I actually read it correctly. Fisher has never really been a great player. I’m not even sure he has been a good player. Sure he is a former top draft pick, but it was in such a weak draft that the draft status should come with a disclaimer. I had the same reaction when the Eagles signed Lane Johnson this past offseason to a large extension despite never standing out in any manner. Ive seen many say that this is a contract that shows you what the Chiefs expect of Fisher in the future since he has shown improvement, but I think its really more of an indictment of the talent coming out from college and into the pros. Continue reading Eric Fisher’s New Contract Shows New Reality for Left Tackles »


Beginning next week, I will be pursuing a salary cap related opportunity within the industry.  As a result, I will no longer be writing or podcasting on Over The Cap or tweeting on Twitter.  I owe many thanks to Jason for providing me with the opportunity to be involved with Over The Cap, and I am also very appreciative of everyone who has reached out with feedback or questions regarding my ideas over the last two years.  Jason has created an amazing tool and a powerful platform, and I am excited to watch from afar as he and others continue to build OTC into a leading online NFL resource.

Best and Worst NFL Contracts 2016: Miami Dolphins

Over the summer we’ll be putting up our selections for the best and worst contract on each team. We continue today with the AFC East and the Miami Dolphins

Best: Reshad Jones, 4 years, $28M, $15M guaranteed

Miami has been a bit odd through the years in that they often sign what would be considered very player friendly contracts with free agents but when it comes to negotiating with their own players are actually much more conservative than other teams. I think that was somewhat evident with the Reshad Jones extension back in 2013. The Jones contract is a prime example of how teams can exploit certain demands from the player side by conceding on things like annual value but structuring the contract in a way where the real value is far lower. Continue reading Best and Worst NFL Contracts 2016: Miami Dolphins »