Chargers to Cut DJ Fluker

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the Chargers will be moving on from former first round draft pick DJ Fluker.

Fluker was scheduled to earn $8.821 million, all of which would become fully guaranteed on March 9. There is no dead money associated with the cut so this move will basically double the cap starved Chargers cap space for the offseason. Continue reading Chargers to Cut DJ Fluker »

2018 Compensatory Pick Potential

With the franchise and transition tag deadline having passed (and thus taking some of the highest profile free agents off the market), it’s time to take a look at what each team has to work with with regard to gaining compensatory picks for the 2018 NFL Draft.  Teams will have a higher potential to gain comp picks if they have a high quantity and quality of players becoming Unrestricted Free Agents at the start of the new league year, of which will become Compensatory Free Agents if the satisfy the rules of the formula. Teams will also need the ability to lose more CFAs than they gain, an easier task for teams with fewer needs to fill with external UFAs, or if they are constrained in other ways from signing them, such as having low cap space.

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Evaluation of the 2017 Compensatory Picks Projection

Yesterday’s release of the 2017 compensatory draft picks by the NFL came even earlier than usual this year. However, this is for good reason, due to the fact that this is the first year that compensatory picks may be traded.  As several people have suggested (Miguel Benzan being one of the first I saw), it’s only fair and proper that teams should have precise knowledge of all the draft picks they will have before the combine–an event in which trade discussions really start to ramp up. I would expect future official compensatory pick releases to come on or near the Friday before the week the combine starts.

Now that the release out, it’s time to keep me honest and see what I did well in my projection, and what I got wrong. Continue reading Evaluation of the 2017 Compensatory Picks Projection »

Thoughts on Terrell Owens and the NFL HOF

On last week’s podcast I discussed some thoughts on Terrell Owens and since that’s a story that’s still lingering around I thought I’d move off the cap stuff for a few minutes to talk a bit about Owens. I always find the Hall of Fame voting pretty fascinating and I think the way that its structured you will see situations like with Owens where it’s easy to leave him off and then figure you will get back to him in a future year. I can buy that argument and think it’s the reason why many times players that seem like no brainers for the Hall fall short for a few years. This was a bit different though as there were a few stories that popped up about Owens being unprofessional, that nobody wanted him around their locker room and then the kicker- that he dropped the ball too much.  Continue reading Thoughts on Terrell Owens and the NFL HOF »