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Mar 12

OTC/PFF Continuously Updated Free Agent Analysis

I have collaborated with Pro Football Focus: Fantasy’s Dan Schneier to provide analysis of the latest free agent signings. If you’re not familiar with Pro Football Focus, they’re dedicated to using advanced statistics based on the charting and grading of every player on every play.

This list will be continuously updated, and we will hopefully have a breakdown of every significant free agent signing when all is said and done. You can find updated player contract pages for 2014 free agents here.


Antonio Cromartie (ARI)

Contract Details

One-year contract worth. $3.5 million. The deal contains … Read the rest

Mar 11

Use of the Roster Bonus in Free Agency

The use of the roster bonus is something to keep an eye on as we enter the free agency period. It’s a good tool for teams who have available cap space to use.

It’s been noted that the Jets GM John Idzik has used this method in recent signings of guys like Jeff Cumberland, Darrin Walls and Ellis Lankster. Although the guaranteed money in these signings only isn’t very significant (the total is only about $1.5 million), keep an eye on Idzik (or other GMs with cap space—Oakland’s Reggie McKenzie, Cleveland’s Ray Farmer and Jacksonville’s David Caldwill) using this method … Read the rest

Mar 11

Recapping Monday’s Pre-Free Agency Transactions

Nobody is safe this time of year.  Yesterday’s free agency eve was as busy as it gets in terms of transactions—there was movement all over the league.  Below is a summary of what went on yesterday (and some of this morning). The site will be constantly updated throughout the day.  Updates will be provided later on once free agency shifts into full gear (officially at 4pm, but seemingly has already started). Remember to follow Jason or myself on Twitter for salary cap updates.

Note: The NFL will charge every team $504,000 for workout money today. These charges are already accounted … Read the rest

Mar 10

The Indirect Affect of the Packers/Shields Pact

Many in the industry feel that the Packers overpaid for CB Sam Shields. But there were other factors aside from Shields’ skill set that contributed to Green Bay’s decision.

In Jason’s dissection of the importance of cash spending, he brought up the importance of encompassing an awareness of the financial situations of their 31 competitors.

“If you know the Jets, Jaguars, Raiders, and Colts are in the market for a cornerback it makes more sense to overpay Sam Shields in the short term to make sure you keep him on your team on a contract structure you like … Read the rest

Mar 04

An Arbitrator May Determine Jimmy Graham’s Long-Term Future

When attempting to project the landing spots of 2014′s top free agents a few weeks back, I predicted that the result of the inevitable grievance that Jimmy Graham’s camp will soon file would determine his fate.

The Saints slapped Graham with the nonexclusive franchise tag as a TE.  A TE who plays under this one-year deal would make $7.035 million. Graham, however, wants to be paid the $12.312 million franchise figure assigned to WRs. And according to the wording of the CBA, Graham seems to have a legitimate argument:


“The Nonexclusive Franchise Tender shall be a one year NFL Read the rest

Mar 01

Jimmy Graham’s Value & the Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag

When dissecting the NFL’s top Tight End’s, there’s Rob Gronkowski & Jimmy Graham—and then there’s everybody else. Gronk and Graham have redefined the TE position, so it’s no surprise that the 6-year/$54 million extension that Gronkowski signed before the 2012 season is being floated around as a baseline for Graham’s new deal.

Rob Gronkowski Contract Specifics

Read the rest


Base Salary

Prorated Bonus

Cap Number

Dead Money 

Cap Savings 


































Mar 01

Franchising Hardy a Risky Play by GM Gettleman

All it took was one Adam Schefter tweet for DeMaurice Smith and the players to breathe a sigh of relief.  The salary cap has officially been set at $133 million for the 2014 league year—a $10 million increase from 2013.  By 2016 the cap is projected be as high as $150 million.

I’m skeptical of reading into salary cap projections for future years simply because past “expert projections” have been inaccurate.  As recently as a couple of weeks ago industry experts were all but certain that the 2014 salary cap would be $130 million—$3 million less than what it ended … Read the rest

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