Tony Romo To Retire From Football

According to Adam Schefter and Todd Archer of ESPN, Tony Romo will retire from the NFL to pursue a career in broadcasting.

This will end at least the Cowboys part in months long speculation concerning Romo as they plan to release Romo from his contract according to Schefter. Prior to today’s news Dallas had been hoping to find a trade partner for Romo and just yesterday had given team’s permission to contact Romo about facilitating a trade.  Continue reading Tony Romo To Retire From Football »

Could the Seahawks Trade Richard Sherman

For the last few weeks there has been some talk of the Seahawks being willing to move star cornerback Richard Sherman if the right trade came along. It’s a move that would be surprising to many as Sherman is pretty much synonymous with the success of the Seahawks franchise and considered one of the best, if not the best, corners in the NFL. Is this a move that Seattle should consider?  Continue reading Could the Seahawks Trade Richard Sherman »

Colts Cut Arthur Jones

The Colts announced that they are releasing defensive tackle Arthur Jones who played in all of 17 games across three years after signing a big $33 million contract in 2014. Jones was one of many questionable signings made during that period by Indianapolis and arguably the worst. Jones had a relationship with head coach Chuck Pagano and there was a thought that he would far exceed his level of play in Baltimore when he switched to Indianapolis and that never materialized. Continue reading Colts Cut Arthur Jones »

The Strange Decisions Made on Quarterbacks

The NFL can be a very strange place when it comes to quarterbacks and their contracts. Normally when it comes to contracts most people can at least get a ballpark estimate of value on a player. Age, playing time, and draft status all are basic indicators of free agent success and failure. For the most part very few players sign contracts that are complete surprises and probably 95% of the time you can figure out the rationale behind the way that the signings have gone during free agency even if you don’t agree with the decision. But when it comes to the quarterback almost all logic can be thrown out. Continue reading The Strange Decisions Made on Quarterbacks »

Dolphins Extend Kiko Alonso

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins have signed linebacker Kiko Alonso to a new four year, $28.8 million contract, a report that has been confirmed by multiple others. Per Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post the new contract will have about $18.5 million in guaranteed salary, though I would imagine that the contract has less guaranteed at signing than that figure. The Dolphins and Alonso had reportedly been working on an extension prior to the start of free agency but were unable to get a deal done which led to the Dolphins using a first round restricted tender to maintain their rights to him.  Continue reading Dolphins Extend Kiko Alonso »

Thoughts on Marshawn Lynch Possibly Coming Out of Retirement

This morning a bit of a surprise rumor started concerning running back Marshawn Lynch potentially coming out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders. Lynch, who retired in 2016, still has his rights maintained by the Seahawks who placed Lynch on their reserve/retired list last spring. When a player retires while under contract a team can essentially place their contract on hold by using that designation and maintaining full control of the player’s future if he decides to return. That would mean that Oakland would need to negotiate a trade for Lynch with Seattle if they wanted him on the team or Lynch would need to find a way to force a release from his current contract. So I wanted to look at some of the issues that will possibly come up regarding Lynch. Continue reading Thoughts on Marshawn Lynch Possibly Coming Out of Retirement »

Free Agency Recap- the Cornerback Valuations

Now that the dust has started to settle around free agency I wanted to start to look at some of the bigger contracts and how they fit within the market. I wanted to start with cornerback because it’s one of the positions that did well in free agency this year and also because it can help illustrate some of the ways that one can value a contract as the biggest when in reality the numbers that most often talked about can be misleading. Continue reading Free Agency Recap- the Cornerback Valuations »