Video Presentation: Caponomics 101- Components of a Contract

Here is the second installment of the Caponomics series. In this presentation we get into the components of a contract and the basics of calculating a salary cap number and dead money. Topics include signing bonus prorations, guaranteed salary, the minimum salary benefit and incentive valuations. This will probably be the longest of the series so it may be best to view in two or three parts if you plan on watching the entire presentation.  I did update one of the slides for a mistake in roster bonus if you decide to download the slides, but that is also mentioned … Read the rest

Video Presentation: Caponomics 101- Salary Cap Basics


Based on all the questions I typically get on the salary cap I thought about doing a series of presentations under the goofy “Caponomics 101″ name, and here we have the first as a general overview of the cap. I have the youtube video embedded in the post but if someone prefers a downloadable copy let me know and Ill see what I can do. Under the Youtube video is a copy of the slide deck if you want a copy of the slides. I have a few ideas for another 1 or 2 of these but if the … Read the rest

Vesting vs Full Guarantees Focusing on the Broncos and Ryan Clady

One of our Twitter buddies had the following tidbit regarding Ryan Clady and his contract discussions:


On the surface that seems like a no-brainer of a contract for Clady. An $11 million APY in this market with $33 million guaranteed is a heist for the player. But whenever you see reports like this the first thing that should come into mind is whether the guarantees are real guarantees … Read the rest