OTC Salary Cap Presentation: Caponomics 101

I recorded these videos back in 2013, but with the NFL offseason here and more and more questions coming my way I thought I would repost them over the next few weeks. This one goes over the basics of the CBA and the salary cap and runs about an hour. The second one, which Ill post again in a day or two, is specific to cap calculations. If anyone wants a copy of the slidedeck Im sure I have it somewhere and can send it. You can also bookmark the video on Youtube and just watch it there when you … Read the rest

Video Presentation: Caponomics 101- Components of a Contract


Here is the second installment of the Caponomics series. In this presentation we get into the components of a contract and the basics of calculating a salary cap number and dead money. Topics include signing bonus prorations, guaranteed salary, the minimum salary benefit and incentive valuations. This will probably be the longest of the series so it may be best to view in two or three parts if you plan on watching the entire presentation.  I did update one of the slides for a mistake in roster bonus if you decide to download the slides, but that is also … Read the rest

Video Presentation: Caponomics 101- Salary Cap Basics


Based on all the questions I typically get on the salary cap I thought about doing a series of presentations under the goofy “Caponomics 101″ name, and here we have the first as a general overview of the cap. I have the youtube video embedded in the post but if someone prefers a downloadable copy let me know and Ill see what I can do. Under the Youtube video is a copy of the slide deck if you want a copy of the slides. I have a few ideas for another 1 or 2 of these but if the … Read the rest

DeMarco Murray and the Team Building Strategies of the Cowboys and Eagles

For someone who played quarterback and wide receiver throughout his entire football career, I’ve strangely fallen in love with analyzing the running back since I’ve started writing here. I think part of it is knowing how completely wrong I was on the first article I wrote on Over The Cap and then digging deeper to rectify it led me to really appreciate the complexity of the position during a time where we’ve, wrongfully (myself included at one point), begun to devalue an important position.

In my first article running backs article, I discussed how out of whack the Vikings … Read the rest

Analyzing the 4 Patriots Super Bowl Teams of the Salary Cap Era

As a reminder, as always, much I discuss here is based on theories I have and especially regarding this, I haven’t done all the research, so this is basically a first draft of some of the stuff I’m writing for Caponomics (information for the e-mail list at the end of this article). I will complete the research required to ensure this is 100% accurate for the book, but what’s written here was my initial reaction on the figure below. If anyone is more of an expert on the Pats in the early 2000s, please comment below and/or feel free to … Read the rest

An Agent Perspective on Trent Richardson Signing with the Raiders and Some Raiders Thoughts

From my perspective as someone who, again, isn’t an agent yet, I find Richardson’s signing with the Raiders to be an interesting case study in some of the thoughts I have on different ways to look at player’s contract. Like with the Suh article I wrote yesterday, I don’t think I have all the answers from a contract perspective, but I want to raise questions that make us look at something differently.

The knock on Richardson is similar to what the knock on Matt Lienart was after USC, he played around super stars at Alabama, so maybe that’s why he … Read the rest

Suh’s Contract Cripples the Dolphins

From a salary cap perspective, this is the kind of stuff that really has interested me as someone who is striving to become an NFL agent. You have a client like Ndamukong Suh, granted there aren’t many like him, and he’s offered a contract of historical proportions, a six-year deal worth $114,375,000 with $59,995,000 fully guaranteed upon signing, but you have to have be able to advise him in a manner that is not only in his best interests financially, but you want him to be happy. If winning a Super Bowl is a player’s number one priority, then you … Read the rest