#MooresLaw2 featuring Caponomics!

In an attempt to make #MooresLaw much more conversational and natural than it was during the first episode, there are no notes accompanying this episode. I wanted to only use the notes that I wrote for myself on my trusty yellow legal pad. On that legal pad, I broke teams down into their own sheet of paper with notes, questions, and examples of things I see written below that team’s name.

My point with all of this is that I think I’ve found a nice, natural format for the podcast and I think that you guys will really enjoy it as it evolved. I am very excited to start trying to master this craft because I think a podcast will allow us to explore many more topics than any one article I write ever could. Plus, with the time constraints that we all have, my articles always get long, so rather than read those long articles, now you can listen to a podcast that has more content than those articles and the content is packaged in a way that I feel is going to be much more convenient for you as you commute to work, go for a run or just try to unwind at the end of the workday.

Much of this podcast will center around the 2015 Broncos, Peyton Manning and how they’ve constructed a team in a very similar way to the 1997 and 1998 Super Bowl Champion Broncos teams. Due to this, I believe the Broncos are really in a position to win the Super Bowl and they’re a team that people are, surprisingly, silent about.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and the many more that are coming after it. Have a great Sunday watching football!

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