“Caponomics” at the NFL Combine

Handy reference for the draft, free agency, the season, and Fantasy Football available on Amazon!


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NOTE: Zack will be at attending the NFL Scouting Combine and is eager to discuss his book and research with NFL representatives, agents, and members of the media. Email caponomics@gmail.com to schedule.

By showing how Super Bowl winning teams construct their rosters, “CAPONOMICS: Building Super Bowl Champions” offers insight into how teams use data and analytics to create sustainable, competitive teams that compete for championships!

Zack Moore, a writer for OverTheCap.com, proposes theories and a blueprint for how teams might consider spending their cap dollars based on analysis of cap-era Super Bowl champion teams (1994-2016). A compendium of historical data illustrating the successful construction of those teams supports discussion.

Prior to becoming 2017 Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles made smart decisions which allowed them to strengthen their complete roster within the confines of the cap. With an inexpensive rookie contract QB and a good low-cost back-up, they built the best defensive line in the NFL.

The rest is history as the Eagles went on to earn their first Super Bowl title.

“CAPONOMICS: Building Super Bowl Champions” offers in-depth discussion of Bill Belichick’s roster-building process that inspires the question: Was the Super Bowl match-up coincidence or a product of innovative player acquisitions made by the Patriots and Eagles within the structure of the cap?


  • Offers greater understanding of salary cap principles behind free agency and draft moves a team makes—or should consider making.
  • Provides insight into equating cap value with on-field production to properly assess a player’s production value.
  • Shows how to evaluate QB value to avoid overspending and, instead, elevate talent level on the rest of the roster.
  • Discusses how to combine analytics with traditional stats, strategy, coaching philosophy, and more to provide better understanding of how teams can more effectively spend their cap dollars.
  • Examines how Belichick’s focus on the objective of the sport and value across his roster makes the Patriots a consistent force and offers insight into how other teams can replicate his roster construction strategy to use the salary cap as a strategic tool.


“CAPONOMICS” offers football professionals and fans a guide to the salary cap:

  • TEAMS can gain additional insight into what’s worked before as they determine strategy for player acquisition;
  • AGENTS will find data that may prove helpful in selling their client based on potential production value;
  • FOOTBALL WRITERS can have a wealth of data at hand as teams build their 2018 rosters and they write their stories;
  • and, FANS can gain greater understanding of the salary cap principles behind the free agency and draft moves their team makes. And, the book just might boast Fantasy Football success!


From the front office and head coach to the draft and free agency, Moore suggests strategies for making roster and salary cap decisions…

  1. Percentages, Process, Quality
  2. The NFL Hiring Process
  3. NFL Draft Process
  4. How to Acquire Veterans

Analyzes how to break down each position, how to spend at each position, and how to maximize return on investment from a salary cap perspective…

  1. Quarterback Spending
  2. Offensive Skill Spending: Understanding Objectives and Finding Value
  3. Spending on the Offensive Line
  4. Defensive Spending
  5. Special Teams Spending and the Battle for Field Position

Discusses how current rookie structure is paying many players far below their value through analysis of Jason Fitzgerald’s work in quantifying a draft pick’s value over the course of their rookie contract…

  1. Projecting the Salary Cap, Big Cap Hits and the Need for a Wage Increase in Rookie Contracts Under the Next CBA

APPENDICES: Data supporting Chapters 3, 5, 6, and 10. Super Bowl Top 30 Cap Hits. Super Bowl Top Positional Cap Hits. Stats for Super Bowl Winners.