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The Highest Paid Duo’s in the NFL

During last night’s Lions game I noted how Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford were the highest paid duo, in terms of salary cap dollars, in the NFL this year. Those two players alone account for over $38 million of the Lions cap this season.   That got me to thinking, what kind of money do teams invest in their “dynamic duo” of talent at the top of the roster?  So with that in mind I’ll look at what teams are spending in cap on their top two players as well as their average annual investment in their top player. Remember you can always check out our Texture charts to see the full breakdown of everyones roster by salary ranking.


Looking at Colin Kaepernick’s Contract and Possible Future with the 49ers

Over the last two seasons there has probably been no bigger disappointment in the NFL at the quarterback position than 49ers starter Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick’s team nearly won a Super Bowl in 2012 and was close to returning in 2013. Kaepernick was rewarded with a contract extension that would pay him $19 million a season with the upside potential to earn more based on performance. Since that time his efficiency has crashed and in the last two weeks his play looks like that of a rookie who has never player in the NFL before. With questions circulating about his future let’s look at his contract and the 49ers options moving forward. (more…)

2015 NFL Predictions: Week 4

The second week in a row where the picks have not been too good with a 10-6 record without the points and an 8-8 record with the points. Through three weeks I’m 32-16 SU and 27-20-1 ATS. In a few weeks I’ll base the predictions on my team efficiency ratings but for now Ill still just wing it. I now have all the picks up for the week…

Ravens (-3) over STEELERS-  I admit to having a hard time here. Baltimore has looked awful the first three weeks of the season and their defense looks to be one of the worst in the NFL. That being said the Steelers have lost one of the most important players in the NFL and have replaced him with a completely different type of player. Mike Vick looked so disinterested in football last season as QB for the Jets, and that was before the season spiraled out of control.  I just have a hard time picturing him completely changing things around with the change in uniform. The Steelers have a very effective running game but that offense only clicks with Big Ben running the show. Ravens 20 Steelers 13 (more…)

OTC 2015 Fanduel League: Week 4

After a close game in week 2, OTC’s week 3 league saw some big scores and a big 16 point victory for the winner. We’ll be back in week 4 with a brand new league with the same rules as last week– 30 teams max, $5 entry, top 6 win and top prize of $55. If you are new to FanDuel make sure to sign up with the promo code OTC100 to get a deposit bonus up to $200, paid out as you enter contests. The more people we can get in the future the better the prize packages so feel free to invite any friends you may have, especially if they use OTC from time to time so we can maintain the league each week. The link will take you right to the enter fields so if you have never played before you can see how the team building process works.  After the jump Ill recap last week’s game and just do a primer on FanDuel for any new users. (more…)

Saints Restructure Drew Brees Contract

In the latest episode of the continuing comedy that is known as the Saints salary cap, the Saints have reworked the contract of quarterback Drew Brees according to ESPN’s Field Yates. The move defers $2.6 million in salary cap charges to 2016. The reason for the move is because New Orleans was near the salary cap limit this season and had more or less run out of space to make any moves to cover replacements for injured players.  The move leaves Brees with a $30 million cap hit in 2016 and a charge of $10 million if released or traded. (more…)

The Failures of the Chicago Bears

Every year we are surprised when successful football teams either falter or fail to bounce back after a season that fans and media alike both seem to consider an aberration. From 2010 through 2013 the Bears were a successful team. They made the conference championships in 2010, won 10 games in 2012, and won 8 games in 2013 despite losing their starting quarterback for a few games. They seemed like a team poised to break out and they went into 2014’s free agency period, spent some money, and then struggled through a 5 win season.

In 2015 they hired John Fox to coach the team and get some return on their investments, but just 3 games into the season they are already selling of pieces after realizing they are one of the worst teams in the NFL.They are one of the best examples (and there are many this year) of how successful teams crash and burn because of poor management and a lack of ability to critically scout themselves as they make big financial decisions.