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Jason is the founder of overthecap.com. Jason is considered an expert in NFL salary cap and contracts analysis and has consulted on many projects in the field of NFL contracts. He is a contributor to the Sporting News and has been interviewed by many news outlets to discuss contract related issues for specific teams and players.

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Rookies Need to Demand no Franchise Tag Designations

I was reading an article the other day over at PFT about Von Miller threatening to sit out the year rather than play on the franchise tag. While I have my own opinions on that scenario it did get me thinking again about the franchise tag and something Bryce and I had discussed off the cuff on a podcast a few weeks back (I touched on it this week too on the podcast). While we can all argue about the merits of the tag I think we all agree that it severely limits player movement. The tag backs star players into a corner because of health and age concerns and in turn that drives prices down across the NFL. Teams go wild in free agency for second tier players because the first tier is almost never available. The CBA is years away from being re-opened but I think it is time for more agents to begin to do their parts in trying to fix the problem now and start digging in their heels on these rookie contracts rather than quickly signing for the sake of getting a deal done.  (more…)

OTC Podcast 6/26: Franchise tags, new deals, and best and worst contracts

In this weeks OTC podcast:

The need to negotiate franchise tag protection

Keenan Allen and Brandon Marshall’s new contracts

The best and worst contracts in the AFC East


Best and Worst NFL Contracts 2016: New York Jets

We wrap up the AFC East with a look at the New York Jets. We’ll be moving to the AFC North next week…

Best: Brandon Marshall, 3 years, $26 million, $9M guaranteed

I had a hard time selecting a best on the Jets as very little really stands out on the team as a great team friendly contract. By the same token they don’t have a bunch of bad ones either. Most are just your average middle of the road contract. I think Marshall’s contract fits in that same category but there were a few things that I thought helped it stand out as a bit better than expected. (more…)

Best and Worst NFL Contracts 2016: New England Patriots

Over the summer we’ll be putting up our selections for the best and worst contract on each team. Our journey through the AFC East continues with the New England Patriots

Best: Rob Gronkowski, 6 years, $54 million, $13.2M guaranteed

The Patriots have a few contenders for this one that I thought deserved serious consideration. Tom Brady historically has had some very team friendly contracts, but I passed on him at this point because of his age and huge signing bonus commitment. Sebastian Vollmer has a pretty unique contract that puts a good deal of risk on the player and allows the Patriots to kind of control the upside.  But the Gronkowski deal at this point I think stands out above all the others. (more…)

Best and Worst NFL Contracts 2016: Miami Dolphins

Over the summer we’ll be putting up our selections for the best and worst contract on each team. We continue today with the AFC East and the Miami Dolphins

Best: Reshad Jones, 4 years, $28M, $15M guaranteed

Miami has been a bit odd through the years in that they often sign what would be considered very player friendly contracts with free agents but when it comes to negotiating with their own players are actually much more conservative than other teams. I think that was somewhat evident with the Reshad Jones extension back in 2013. The Jones contract is a prime example of how teams can exploit certain demands from the player side by conceding on things like annual value but structuring the contract in a way where the real value is far lower. (more…)

OTC Podcast 6/19: Fletcher Cox Contract, Oher Extension…

In this weeks OTC podcast Jason and Bryce discuss:

The Fletcher Cox contract extension with the Eagles

The Panthers decision to extend Michaek Oher and upcoming negotiation with Kawaan Short

Eugene Monroe’s release

The Broncos contract decisions

The best and worst contract on the Buffalo Bills


Best and Worst NFL Contracts 2016: Buffalo Bills

This week I’ll be kicking off the best and worst contract summer series starting with the Buffalo Bills. The selections are made from the team perspective looking at a contract so a “best contract” generally represents a team friendly contract, meaning one that seemed to get very good terms for a good player. A bad contract is also not representative of a bad player and in fact many times it is a good player who gets the bad contract designation. It simply means that the player is, in my opinion, over-valued or signed to a contract that gives a team no flexibility. Finally rookies are not considered since the salaries are slotted unless some extraordinary circumstance dictates using a rookie contract. Onto the Bills…