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Mar 30

The Devaluation of the NFL Running Back

running back vs kicker

It was not that long ago that the NFL Running Back was considered one of the premier pay positions in the league.  The runners were the star of the team and were considered to go hand in hand with the QB position. For a pretty long period of time the great teams in the NFL were a partnership of quarterback and running back and the running back was a premier pay and draft position. But a number of factors ranging from rules changes to injuries to advances in analytics used in roster management the running back has become one of … Read the rest

Mar 30

Podcast: DeSean Jackson Released, Jared Allen Signs, Available Free Agents, and More…

In this weeks podcast we go in depth on DeSean Jackson, why it got to a release, who might be interested in him, and who could be a good match; Jared Allen’s surprising signing with the Chicago Bears; surprisingly available free agents, Muhammad Wilkerson’s contract, Changing Salary Cap Philosophies, rookie salaries, and more…

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Mar 29

NFL Rookie Salary Pool, Version 2

With the compensatory draft picks announced I finally updated my estimates for the NFL Rookie Pool money. The rookie pool is the amount of money teams should spend on their rookie draft picks. This year, because of the large rise in the salary cap, the salary freeze on signing bonuses should end for the first time since the new CBA came into existence. Because this is the first time this will happen please be advised that these numbers are based on my interpretation of how the rookie salaries work and unlike last years estimates are not really tested just yet. … Read the rest

Mar 28

Philadelphia Eagles Release WR DeSean Jackson

After attempting to trade DeSean Jackson the Philadelphia Eagles have finally opted to release the star wide receiver from his contract.

Jackson had signed a $48.5 million contract in March of 2012, that was in essence a two year $18 million deal with a significant amount of backend money designed to pacify his demands for a new contract. After struggling in 2012, Jackson would bounce back to have a terrific season in 2013 where he put up over 1,300 yards. Following the season, Jackson began making some noise about a new contract in part probably because he felt underpaid compared … Read the rest

Mar 23

Podcast: Desean Jackson, Sanchez, Best & Worst Signings and More

In this weeks OTC podcast we go over the release of Mark Sanchez, the potential issues in trading/signing DeSean Jackson, the best and worst free agent signings, salary cap carryover, recently signed contracts for Melton, Lewis, Thomas, Edelman, and more


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Mar 22

Mark Sanchez, the Jets, and His Future

The Jets put an end to the Mark Sanchez era when they released their former top draft pick following the signing of QB Michael Vick. I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for Sanchez as he certainly made millions with the Jets and did not deliver as anticipated, but the timing of the move shows what can be a very ugly side of football.

I wrote about Sanchez the other week and the leverage that the Jets had with his contract and future. The short version is that the Jets opted to extend Sanchez for salary cap relief back … Read the rest

Mar 22

Raiders Trade for Matt Schaub

Yesterday the Oakland Raiders moved a sixth round pick to the Houston Texans to acquire the rights to QB Matt Schaub. Schaub had come under great scrutiny since the Texans signed him to an ill-advised extension worth $15.5 million a year, a number that, at the time, made him one of the two highest paid “non-Super Bowl” winners in the NFL. Schaub was coming off injury and had just one year remaining on his contract in 2012 when the Texans made the move. By the end of 2012, when team expectations were high and Schaub’s physical limitations began to be … Read the rest

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