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Jason is the founder of overthecap.com. Jason is considered an expert in NFL salary cap and contracts analysis and has consulted on many projects in the field of NFL contracts. He is a contributor to the Sporting News and has been interviewed by many news outlets to discuss contract related issues for specific teams and players.

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Looking at the NFL Rookie Contracts

I thought it might be fun during the draft to put up our contract estimates for each player but to also show where they should rank by contract annual value. While we all expect a lot from our draft picks and anyone who is not a star is generally considered a bust, in reality we don’t need exceptional play to get fair value for the player. The reason is because the actual player salary is generally so far down on the APY charts that many times average play will justify the actual year by year investment. So the following table will show the basic contract estimates for each player and the current NFL players who rank just above and below the draft picks salary.  (more…)

All About Rookie Contracts and the NFL Draft

Every year around draft time I get a number of questions on rookie salaries, how the rookie salary cap works, and other ins and outs of the rookie contract. So to tackle many of the questions here is a FAQ style overview on rookie contracts that will hopefully answer your questions and clear up any confusion on the way the contracts work. In case you don’t know it we also have a draft resource page which lists all our contract projections for the 2016 rookie class. If you click on your team all their picks will highlight and you can hover over each pick to get a full year by year estimate of the contract. (more…)

OTC Podcast: 4/24- Norman Signs, Eagles make trade

Bryce and I are back this week to share some contract thoughts on:

Josh Normans surprising release from the Panthers and subsequent mega contract with the Redskins

Philadelphia’s big trade and reasoning behind making it

Sam Bradfords possible trade value   (more…)

Thoughts on Josh Normans $75 Million Contract

It did not take long for Josh Norman to find a new home and shockingly he was able to garner what is arguably the best contract for a cornerback in the entire NFL. The $75 million contract with a $51 million payout in the first three years is a stunning number for a player who will be 29 years old and has made one Pro Bowl in his four year career. It is a contract that likely brings back memories of the massive Albert Haynesworth deal Washington signed years ago which will go down as one of the worst moves in NFL history. Washington has been more conservative in recent years with their contracts, but this is a pretty aggressive move that the team feels it needs to push it over the top after their playoff run. Rich Tandler has the full details of the contract and that will allow us to look at it in more depth. (more…)

Is Bradford Right to Ask Eagles for a Trade

Reportedly Sam Bradford is unhappy with the Eagles decision to trade up to select a quarterback in the draft and may ask the Eagles for a trade, despite the fact that the Eagles have publically stated that he will be the starter this season. The Eagles signed Bradford this offseason to a two year contract that has already paid him $11 million and guarantees him $11 million more. Does Bradford have a real gripe here or not? (more…)

Drafting Decisions and the Salary Cap 2016

Last year I worked on a draft valuation project that got a bit of attention and I wanted to update the charts for the year. Essentially what we have done is to rework the old trade value charts as developed by the Dallas Cowboys with a financial model that turns every draft slot into an expected salary. The salary reflects the equivalent performance a team would expect from a veteran player that could potentially be signed in free agency. Effectively this allows us to assign a “market price” to a player before he ever steps onto the field. So Ill rehash some of that in here and post the updated numbers for the season.


Panthers Rescind Franchise Tag on Josh Norman

In a bit of stunning news the Carolina Panthers have agreed to remove the franchise tag on Josh Norman making him an unrestricted free agent. The Panthers were unable to come to a long term agreement with Norman and decided it was best to just move on rather than pay him $13.952 million for the season. This is not something that is common in the NFL. I think its happened maybe once in the last decade. So lets look at a few things concenring the move. (more…)