Giants save $1.55 million in Terrell Thomas’ Contract Renegotiation

Continuing their string of early offseason moves, the Giants and Safety Terrell Thomas agreed on a renegotiated contract that would give him a chance to battle back from injury and make the team in 2013. Thomas’ old contract called for a $6 million dollar option bonus to be paid in 2013, a bonus he had […]

Michael Thomas’ Contract Negotiations: How the Franchise Tag and Rookie Wage Scale are Garbage

Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints are about four million apart on average per year according to Jeff Duncan from Thomas and his representation team led by Andrew Kessler of Athletes First are asking for $22 million per year, while the Saints are offering $18 million for the wide receiver going into his […]

2015 Giants Salary Cap Series: Running Back

I want to start the Giants series with a position outside of what most people are discussing this offseason for the Giants and that is, the running back position. As you may have read, I’ve also really reexamined my own opinion on the running back position compared to a piece that I wrote before the […]