Looking Back at the Eagles Roster Decisions

With the Eagles season officially a disaster I wanted to look back at some of the decision making they made this year, most of which came under scrutiny during the offseason and will come under more scrutiny now. Plus Ill give some thoughts on what the team can maybe do in the future to improve and get back to the playoffs.

 The Sam Bradford Trade

The Eagles kicked off free agency with this move that never really seemed to make much sense at any level. Bradford, a former number 1 pick, had spent most of his NFL career on the injured list and when he played he never looked like anything more than a mid tier/replacement level player. His style of play certainly did not seem to match what people believed Kelly was looking for in a quarterback. Continue reading Looking Back at the Eagles Roster Decisions »

2016 NFL Free Agency: Tight Ends Overview

It looks to be a very poor year for the free agent tight end in 2016. Few players have stood out this season and those who have are both big surprises for older players who likely won’t see a big spike in value because of their age. So let’s see who is available and what their costs might be next season.

Antonio Gates, Chargers

Gates is nearing the end of his career but is still very productive when healthy. He missed four games this year due to suspension and will still likely finish with close to 600 yards which is pretty impressive. Obviously the major negative is age as Gates will be 36 next season, which in football years for a non-quarterback is like the equivalent of being 55 years old. So many older players who switch teams fail that I don’t think there will be much interest in Gates outside of San Diego, especially seeing what is happening with Andre Johnson in Indianapolis this year. Continue reading 2016 NFL Free Agency: Tight Ends Overview »

2015 NFL Predictions: Turkey Edition

Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone is enjoying a fun day with your families and getting ready to watch some football. My midseason funk continues picking games with a 7-7 record last weekend and a 6-8 record against the spread. My yearly record is now 102-58 and 78-77-5. I’ll do a separate post for the other games later this week. Continue reading 2015 NFL Predictions: Turkey Edition »

Philly Media Created Kelly Hysteria

Monday’s Bills at Patriots game was a good example of two teams with entirely different team building strategies as the Patriots have built around Tom Brady at quarterback and the Bills don’t have that elite quarterback. In Caponomics, the only way I’ve figured how to explain these two main models are the QB centric model and the Run-First/Defensive model. It’s obvious who is who.

Continue reading Philly Media Created Kelly Hysteria »

Thoughts on the State of the Jets

It’s that time of year again when the salary cap hat goes completely off and the Jets fan comes out for a “state of the Jets” post, which has been requested by a few of the readers on the site given the Jets recent lack of success. The team has lost 4 of their last 5 and has looked poor in a majority of those games, games that most expected at worst would have produced a 3-2 record. Today the Jets released LB/DE Quinton Coples, the teams 2012 first round pick, a move that would be described as the team’s front office looking to send a message to the team that no job, no matter how much money you earn or how much draft capital the team has invested in you, is safe. So I’ll share my thoughts on the team and answer any questions you may have either in the comments or via email. Continue reading Thoughts on the State of the Jets »

#BUFvsNE: Belichick’s Chess Match

Just a quick note on this Bills/Patriots game we’re watching right now off of something Jon Gruden said.

He mentioned that the Patriots had been changing personnel, frequently moving from three tight ends to three receivers and back again. As I think Gruden pointed out, eventually Belichick will catch you with the wrong personnel and take advantage of it.

Off of that I realized that when he does get that wrong combination for the defense against his personnel on the offense, then he can capitalize on that and then exploit it all the way down the field if they stay in the personnel and stay in no huddle so that the defense doesn’t have time to substitute.

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Looking at Kaepernick’s Injury and Contract

The 49ers placed Colin Kaepernick on injured reserve yesterday, a few short weeks after benching him for what the 49ers said would be a temporary move to the bench to help Kaepernick clear his head. After backup Blaine Gabbert won his start with the team it seemed the 49ers were already pulling away from the temporary benching and this type of injury, much like Peyton Manning’s, is often a blessing in disguise for a team because it makes the whole process much neater. But since there may be some confusion on the Kaepernick contract I thought I would clarify some of the points surrounding the contract. Continue reading Looking at Kaepernick’s Injury and Contract »