Looking at Drew Brees’ Upcoming Contract Negotiation

Over at the Sporting News this week I took a look at Drew Brees’ upcoming contract talks with the Saints. Brees arguably has the most leverage ever in a negotiation with a massive franchise tag number virtually blocking the Saints from keeping him from hitting free agency. This leads to a very difficult decision for the Saints as  to how to approach this contract.

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“What We Talkin’ About”: Process, Quality, and Percentages

This is the final draft of the first chapter of Caponomics: Moneyball Thinking for the NFL. We’re sending it out to publishers this week, but a) I’d love to share it with the Over The Cap audience as I’ve been unable to post much since March as I’ve been in the process of re-writing my first draft of Caponomics and b) I figured this would be an avenue to reach publishers I don’t have access to.

The title of this article, “What We Talkin’ About” is homage to Jay-Z as The Blueprint 3, which came out in 2009, is the culmination of the cycle from the guy hustling on the corner to the guy rubbing elbows with the President. Plus, I’m legitimately trying to tell you what we’re talking about in Caponomics.

I came to Over The Cap looking to learn more about contracts to help me become a successful NFL agent, but then I saw the opportunities I heard of in The Blueprint albums. As he says in On To The Next One, while every other rapper is rapping about the same themes, he makes the blueprint. His lyrics always remind you to think bigger than the situation that’s currently in front of you.

After about 16 months of researching the salary caps of Super Bowl champions, this chapter is an introduction to a book that is (my best attempt at) The Blueprint for how to build a successful NFL franchise.  Continue reading “What We Talkin’ About”: Process, Quality, and Percentages »

Thoughts on Cameron Wake’s Extension

Late last week the Dolphins signed Cameron Wake to a new contract that would add an additional season onto his existing contract.  While I hadn’t really had a chance to look much into it until tonight my gut feeling was that it just sounded like a strange deal, which was originally reported as two new years for $14 million and $10 million in guarantees.  When you consider that you have a player who will be 34 years old and is coming off an Achilles injury normally you would expect the player to get squeezed by the team not extended. Looking at the numbers, though, it may not be as odd as I originally had thought. Continue reading Thoughts on Cameron Wake’s Extension »

2017 Compensatory Draft Picks Update (5/10/2016)

With the league offices closing for today, it also closes out the addition of compensatory free agents (CFAs) into the formula for the 2017 NFL Draft.  Note that while last year this cutoff date was May 12, it is my belief that from now on the cutoff date will be the second Tuesday after the NFL Draft, as there are several mentions of May 10 in the official free agency press release.  With the full slate of potential qualifying CFAs now known, it’s time to take a look at the list that’s emerged.

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