Thoughts on Terrell Owens and the NFL HOF

On last week’s podcast I discussed some thoughts on Terrell Owens and since that’s a story that’s still lingering around I thought I’d move off the cap stuff for a few minutes to talk a bit about Owens. I always find the Hall of Fame voting pretty fascinating and I think the way that its structured you will see situations like with Owens where it’s easy to leave him off and then figure you will get back to him in a future year. I can buy that argument and think it’s the reason why many times players that seem like no brainers for the Hall fall short for a few years. This was a bit different though as there were a few stories that popped up about Owens being unprofessional, that nobody wanted him around their locker room and then the kicker- that he dropped the ball too much.  Continue reading Thoughts on Terrell Owens and the NFL HOF »

NFL Transactions: Feb 20, 2017

Cowboys Restructure Smith and Frederick Contracts

From the news that will shock nobody department the Cowboys pulled the trigger on the restructures of left tackle Tyron Smith and center Travis Frederick according to ESPN’s Todd Archer. Dallas was estimated to be nearly $13 million over a projected $168 million salary cap, a number that could grow when further adjustments are made. Dallas really had no choice but to convert salary to bonus money from these two contracts. Continue reading NFL Transactions: Feb 20, 2017 »

Thoughts on Darrelle Revis Future with the Jets

In one of the more surprising NFL stories, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was charged with four felonies stemming from an incident that occurred in Pittsburgh. At this point there are two different versions of the story from each side so nobody can say for certain whether Revis was in the wrong or not, but it has opened the question up about Revis’ contract with the Jets and how this incident may impact his future with the team. So lets just go over a few details with his contract and how these things may be handled.

Continue reading Thoughts on Darrelle Revis Future with the Jets »

Dolphins Begin Roster Purge

The Miami Dolphins began their roster purge today with the release of three veteran players, according to Mike Garafolo of The players released are left tackle Branden Albert, defensive end Mario Williams, and defensive tackle Earl Mitchell. The moves will give the Dolphins substantial salary cap relief and put them in a position to be big spenders in free agency. Continue reading Dolphins Begin Roster Purge »

Evaluating 2014 Free Agency With Regard To 2015 Compensatory Picks

Free agency in the NFL is always filled with fool’s gold.  Sometimes a team strikes real gold, but It’s well established that many high profile free agent signings don’t live up to the billing of their contract.  Some of these signings also have long lasting effects via the compensatory draft pick system.  As the league starts to gear up for 2017’s free agency period, I thought I’d add another annual piece to studying the compensatory pick system by looking three years back and pinpointing teams that either navigated free agency in 2014 so poorly that it cost them comp picks in 2015, or navigated it wisely and got talent that outweighed the sacrifice of potential 2015 comp picks. Continue reading Evaluating 2014 Free Agency With Regard To 2015 Compensatory Picks »

NFL Transactions: Giants Release Cruz and Jennings

The New York Giants followed the Green Bay Packers lead by getting in early on player cuts with the release of wide receiver Victor Cruz and running back Rashad Jennings today. The two moves will clear $10 million in salary cap space for the Giants, moving them to about $32 million in estimated room, which ranks around the middle of the NFL. Continue reading NFL Transactions: Giants Release Cruz and Jennings »