Looking at the Colts Job Opening

After months of rumors about potential changes to the Colts front office they finally made the decision to part ways with GM Ryan Grigson but, for the moment, retain head coach Chuck Pagano. The move comes after back to back seasons in which the Colts finished 8-8 following a surprise appearance in the 2014 AFC Championship game in which they were routed by the Patriots. During that time the Colts had fallen behind the QB-less Texans in the pecking order of the AFC South and this year looked less promising than the Titans which may have also helped the move come along. Some have said that this could be the most attractive job in the game, so lets look at the Colts, Grigson’s job with them, and where their roster lies today. Continue reading Looking at the Colts Job Opening »

2017 Free Agency Preview: Quarterbacks

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing some small previews of the available players in free agency with some very rough guesstimates on salaries. I’ll be factoring in what I believe may be some large premiums that will be available due to the unprecedented amount of cap room that exists in 2017. We’ll start it off with the quarterbacks.

1. Kirk Cousins, Redskins

One of the more interesting possibilities for free agency in some time. Cousins has thrived in the Washington offense for the last two seasons despite the lack of a running game and his two prime targets being 30 years old. There are plenty of questions about Cousins which I wrote about last year, but if a player can prove he can do it for two seasons that questions should disappear. Continue reading 2017 Free Agency Preview: Quarterbacks »

Podcast Appearance with HarrisFootball.com

This week I went on Christopher Harris’ podcast to count down 2017’s top ten most fantasy relevant potential cap casualties, while Jon Anik comes on to handicap the Conference Championship Games.

Check out the Harris Football podcast at HarrisFootball.com or download it on iTunes or Stitcher. You can check Chris out on Twitter @HarrisFootball.

Introducing The Proven Performance Escalator Projections Page

Art. 7, §4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement establishes what is known as the Proven Performance Escalator (PPE).  The PPE creates an automatic raise in the fourth year Paragraph 5 salary of players still on their rookie contracts (drafted between Rounds 3 and 7) who have participated in either 35% of a teams offensive or defensive snaps in two of his first three seasons, or in 35% of all offensive or defensive snaps over his entire first three years.  Players who earn the PPE will see their fourth year P5 salary raise to the lowest restricted free agent (RFA) tender for that season.

While RFA tender amounts have yet to be announced, OTC is able to estimate which players have either earned, or are on track to earn, the PPE.  Once the RFA tenders are announced, you should soon see each player’s Year 4 P5 salary rise on their respective page.

Additionally, OTC has now built an entire page devoted to projecting which players are on track to earn the PPE.  You may find this page here. Continue reading Introducing The Proven Performance Escalator Projections Page »

2017 Potential Cuts: Safety

1. DeAngelo Hall, Redskins
Cap Saved: $4.3 million/Cash Saved: $4.3 million

This contract fell in the “thank you for your years of service category” when the Redskins signed it with Hall back in 2014. Since that time it’s been a rough ride for Hall who has missed 31 games in the first three seasons of the contract. Clearly it is time for Washington to move on especially with a large core of free agent decisions this year. Continue reading 2017 Potential Cuts: Safety »

2017 Potential Cuts: Cornerback

1. Tramon Williams, Browns
Cap Saved: $7 million/Cash Saved: $7 million

The Browns signed Williams a few years ago in their period of adding fading veterans in an effort to be respectable which certainly did not work. There is absolutely zero reason for the Browns to keep a 34 year old cornerback who is going to make $7 million in 2017, especially one who isn’t very good. Continue reading 2017 Potential Cuts: Cornerback »

TE Contract Tiers – 2016 Season Review

Now that the regular season is over, I’m going to review each of the 2016 signings at Tight End to determine what kind of value each team received compared to the player’s contract. Contrary to my previous posts in this series, I will use each player’s season totals as well as prorated 16 game totals.


See my prior article here for more information regarding how these tiers were constructed and what types of tight ends fit into each tier.

 APYCatches/16Targets/16Catch %Yards/16TDs/16
Tier 1$9M+8012066%1,00011
Tier 2$6.5M-$9M7511068%8005
Tier 3$4M-$6.5M558563%5004
Tier 4<$4Mn/a – Veteran Backup/Blocking Tight End

  Continue reading TE Contract Tiers – 2016 Season Review »