Looking at the Decisions Facing the Giants

I had talked about the Giants a bit on the podcast this week and then came across this piece on the Giants by Bart Hubbuchof the NYPost  and I thought it made an interesting topic to discuss here as well since this is clearly a team with big decisions to make.

It’s easy to find excuses for the 3-8 record the Giants currently have. The team does enough at times to make them think that they are just a few breaks away from turning their season around and being a playoff competitor. It is very easy to look back at … Read the rest

2015 NFL Draft Selection Tracker

Welcome to our NFL Draft Selection Tracker. We are currently updated through the results of all the games in week 12. Hopefully this tracker will give you a better idea for your mock drafting or fan discussions as it reflects the overall SOS rather than the SOS at this moment in time.

The draft order for the first 20 selections is determined by win/loss record with ties being broken by strength of schedule.  Most draft charts will only use the current SOS, but for this chart we use the SOS projections for a teams’ entire schedule since it’s that number … Read the rest

NFL Predictions 2014: Week 12

Some big upsets last week which helped lead to a 7-7 record SU and 8-6 record ATS. My record on the season now stands at 104-56-1 and 93-64-4.  I’m not off to a good start with the pick of the Chiefs on Thursday. Let’s hope or better luck today…


Browns (+3) over FALCONS- Cleveland needs a better effort than last week, but should get somewhat healthy against a poor Falcons defense.  If Browns defense dictates the pace of the game they will win outright. Browns 21 Falcons 17

EAGLES (-11) over Titans- Philly was embarrassed last week  … Read the rest

Podcast: Peterson, Veteran Waivers, Revis, Giants, NFL Picks and More…

In this week’s OTC podcast I cover a number of topics including:

– The Adrian Peterson situation and the NFL’s constant making up of rules

– The veteran waivers process with Ben Tate and LeGarrette Blount

– What Darrelle Revis might earn and the problems with overpaying a cornerback

– Eli Manning’s future as the Giants struggles continue

-Allen Baileys contract extension with Kansas City and the Chiefs cap situation next year

– My picks for week 12

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Week 12 OTC FanDuel Fantasy Football League

We actually hit our target of 16 teams last week (!) so FanDuel expaned the league to 22 teams. The cost to join is still $2 and the top 4 teams will win a prize. Once again feel free to let any friends of yours who play or might want to play to check it out since we are pushing the limit higher again this week.The deadline for entry is a few minutes before the 1PM kickoff on Sunday. Remember that each week we will have a new league so there is also no commitment to play beyond week 12.… Read the rest

NFL Predictions 2014: Week 12 Thursday Night Football

Some big upsets last week which helped lead to a 7-7 record SU and 8-6 record ATS. My record on the season now stands at 104-56-1 and 93-64-4.  Onto another boring edition of Thursday Night Football…

Chiefs (-7.5) over RAIDERS- It’s hard to see the Raiders having much of a shot in this game unless the Chiefs sleepwalk through it. The Chiefs run game is terrific and should match up well with the Raiders defense. The biggest weakness on the Chiefs defense is their run defense, depsite the weird no touchdown stat, but that is also the run offense … Read the rest

OTC NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

Following their blowout win against the Colts, the Patriots vault to the top spot in the rankings. The Packers also had a major jump after stifling the Eagles while the Broncos fell to number 3 off their bad loss to the Rams.

Looking through the list, the OTC top 10 is an interesting group of teams. There are really no balanced teams in the group at all. The Patriots, Packers, Broncos, and Colts are all very efficient at scoring points but not nearly as good at preventing them. Still they trend above average. The Ravens, Dolphins, Chiefs, and Cardinals are … Read the rest