2016 Power Rankings- Week 7

After 7 weeks being complete I decided to start doing my power rankings again.  For those unfamiliar with my power rankings that are based on efficiency measurements which measure how much teams score above or hold teams below their seasonal averages. So for example if we have a team with a 40% scoring efficiency they are scoring 40% more points than their opponents points allowed. A defensive efficiency of -30% would indicate a team is has allowed 30% less points than their opponents points scored.  There is also a predicted win column that indicates on average what a team’s record would be if they were to play the rest of the season at this same level. This week we’ll look at the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to spending and return on investment. Continue reading 2016 Power Rankings- Week 7 »

Could Joe Thomas or Joe Staley be Traded

The NFL trading deadline is approaching and while in season trades of star players is still pretty rare it is being floated that two left tackles are available for the right price. The Browns are supposedly willing to deal 9 time Pro Bowler Joe Thomas for a 2nd round draft pick while the 49ers are hoping for a 1st round pick for 5 time Pro Bowler Joe Staley. We’ll take a brief look at the cap room needed to acquire each player as well as the realistic market for both. Continue reading Could Joe Thomas or Joe Staley be Traded »

Extensions vs Free Agent Signings: Wide Receivers

Each year, teams across the NFL invest a large portion of their salary cap in Contract Extensions and Free Agent Deals for players who seemingly perform well. Once a team strikes a deal with a player, it is not only important to analyze the performance that justified the new deal, but it is also critical to monitor a team’s return on investment once the player has signed.  That being said, I have conducted a breakdown of the Wide Receiver Market to highlight some trends in relation to the performance of a WR before and after signing a deal and to present a risk analysis between a team signing a WR from the open market or via extension. Continue reading Extensions vs Free Agent Signings: Wide Receivers »

Looking at the Cowboys Options with Tony Romo

As a follow up to the Sporting News piece I wrote I had received a number of questions going over the various options Dallas would have with Tony Romo and how they would impact their salary cap, so let’s play some of those scenarios out and look at what does and does not make sense for the team to consider. We’ll compare these to the baseline scenario of just releasing (or trading) Romo outright, which would leave Dallas with a $19.6 million cap charge in 2017. Continue reading Looking at the Cowboys Options with Tony Romo »

2017 Free Agents: Alshon Jeffery

We’ll be doing previews throughout the season on free agent and extension eligible players and today I wanted to touch on Alshon Jeffery of the Chicago Bears. Jeffery is an interesting player because he has a real chance to hit free agency next season which is very rare for a player of his skillset. Among wide receivers the only recent players to sign top tier contracts in free agency with another team are Vincent Jackson (2012), Mike Wallace (2013), and Jeremy Maclin (2015) and only Jackson statistically belonged in the top group when he signed his contract. Pretty much everyone else signed to a lucrative contract has re-signed with his team. While it is not impossible to see the Bears tagging Jeffery for a second time, that is a rare occurrence in the NFL. Continue reading 2017 Free Agents: Alshon Jeffery »

New Contract Tracker: Quarterbacks and Interior DL

Sometimes you’ll hear a song for the first time, get caught up in the rhythm, and end up surprised that you find it catchy. So you look forward to hearing it again, telling people how much you like the song and enjoy how it makes you feel when you hear it.

Then, after a while, the positive vibes begin to erode and you begin to notice that it isn’t actually a lyrically well-written tune. The once-catchy beat begins to assault your ear canal when you realize there’s not much substance to it and ultimately you become quickly irritated at the mere thought of having to listen to that song anymore. You delete it from your memory and hope no one remembers how much you gushed over it the year prior.

This is the audio equivalent of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s tenure with the Jets.  He is “Blurred Lines” in human form.

Continue reading New Contract Tracker: Quarterbacks and Interior DL »

2016 New Contract Tracker: Wide Receivers — Week 6

Last week was a strong week for a lot of the newly inked Wide Receivers. This week, however, wasn’t so great. We’re getting into the heart of the season, so, hopefully, these receivers will start to get more consistent. Week Six’s stud is a player who turned back the clock.

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