OTC Podcast 3/27: Tampering Charges, QB Decisions, Peterson, Roster Bonuses and More

In this weeks podcast I:

– Give my thoughts on the Jets/Patriots tampering fight

– Look at the negatives of signing Adrian Peterson

– Touch on a few possible Jets extensions

– Look at the contract situations of Rivers, Eli, and Brees with thoughts on trades

– Explain why teams use high second year cap charges rather than stated option bonuses

– Go over the rules for roster bonus prorations

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Should the Cowboys Pursue Adrian Peterson

One question that is consistently coming up on my Twitter feed or in my email inbox is “how can the Cowboys afford to get Adrian Peterson”.  Dallas has been linked to the Vikings running back for the last year and Peterson has made it very clear that he no longer wants to play in Minnesota. The Vikings hold his rights for the next three seasons and would likely trade him before releasing him, but can Dallas really fit him in their salary cap?  Let’s explore.

The Peterson Contract

Peterson is set to earn $45 million in non-guaranteed salary over the … Read the rest

Evaluation of the 2015 Compensatory Draft Picks Projection, Part 2

After spending some time reviewing the official 2015 compensatory pick awards, with one small exception I’ve been able to reconstruct the exact order of the picks in the projection program. This will now also provide an accurate projection of the rookie pool each team needs to contribute for all its draft picks in 2015, including compensatory picks.

I was able to do this by applying the following adjustments for all of the Unrestricted Free Agents signing with new teams in 2014:

  • Applied an adjustment to the contracts’ average per year (APY) for playing time based upon the player’s offensive and
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Explaining the NFL’s Rookie Salary Cap

Troy asked me the other day a good question on NFL rookie contract’s impact on the salary cap so I thought this would be a good time to give another primer on the NFL rookie pool. It can be a confusing topic and often I see many people get the impact of the rookie pool incorrect when making salary cap projections for the summer. I’ll do this as Q&A style to hit on the main questions I usually receive on the topic. In case you don’t know it we also have a draft resource page which lists all our contract Read the rest

NFL Errs In Awarding Three Compensatory Draft Picks

News has broke that the NFL made an error in the placement of three of the 32 compensatory picks for the 2015 NFL Draft.  The errors are as follows:

  1. Denver’s 6th was demoted to a 7th.
  2. Pittsburgh’s 7th was promoted to a 6th.
  3. Carolina’s 6th was promoted to a 5th.

This is tremendously good news to hear at this point, because in evaluating the initial reports to my program, I correctly identified that something was very wrong with the Denver and Pittsburgh picks, and upon further review saw something fishy with the Carolina pick as well.  Let’s take each of … Read the rest

DeMarco Murray and the Team Building Strategies of the Cowboys and Eagles

For someone who played quarterback and wide receiver throughout his entire football career, I’ve strangely fallen in love with analyzing the running back since I’ve started writing here. I think part of it is knowing how completely wrong I was on the first article I wrote on Over The Cap and then digging deeper to rectify it led me to really appreciate the complexity of the position during a time where we’ve, wrongfully (myself included at one point), begun to devalue an important position.

In my first article running backs article, I discussed how out of whack the Vikings … Read the rest

The Bills Approach to the Charles Clay Extension

The numbers are officially in on Charles Clay’s new contract with the Bills and I thought this deserved a closer look because of the structure of the contract. At the time he signed the contract Clay was designed a “Transition” player by Miami, which gave them the right to match any offer for Clay. Though Miami had already signed Jordan Cameron to replace Clay, the Bills proceeded to craft an offer sheet as if Miami might consider matching the offer so let’s examine just what they did.

Last year there were two attempts made to sign player’s to offer sheets … Read the rest