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Best and Worst Contracts 2016: Denver Broncos

Today we’ll start the AFC West with our best and worst selection for the Denver Broncos.

Best: Chris Harris, 5 years, $42.5 million, $10M guaranteed

John Elway pulled off one of the greatest con jobs of all time to get Harris to agree to this contract late in the 2014 season. Harris was already gaining recognition around the NFL as one of the better cornerbacks in the NFL and he was every bit as good as teammate Aqib Talib. At the least Harris should have matched Talib’s $9.5M per year contract, but he’ll end up earning $6.5 million less over a 5 year period. While his overall guarantee of $24 million is closer to Talib’s that in no way should make up for the differential. Continue reading Best and Worst Contracts 2016: Denver Broncos »

Best and Worst Contracts 2016: Tennessee Titans

Best: Jurrell Casey, 4 years, $36 million, $13M guaranteed

I’m not sure anybody can explain this contract and how the Titans were able to do this one. By 2013 Casey had developed into one of the best interior defenders in the NFL. He was solid in all phases of the game, had more or less started every game since his rookie year, and had just come off a season in which he amassed 10.5 sacks. Continue reading Best and Worst Contracts 2016: Tennessee Titans »

The Chiefs, Eric Berry, and the Tag Decision

Arrowhead Pride had an interesting article today about Eric Berry and the reasons why the deal didn’t get done with the Chiefs. It was based on a comment by Mike Florio about the franchise tag values setting a market for players and in this case a disparity in valuation. I thought that made for an interesting topic to discuss and some of the mistakes that often get made in how we use annual values per year when assessing contracts. I’d also like to see if Berry is or is not making the right decision, if this was indeed the holdup. Continue reading The Chiefs, Eric Berry, and the Tag Decision »

Best and Worst Contracts 2016: Jacksonville Jaguars

A little late with the Jaguars entry, but we are close to wrapping up our look at the AFC South. There is a running list in the right sidebar with links to all of our Best and Worst picks so far…

Best: Tashaun Gipson, 5 years, $36 million, $12M guaranteed

Two years ago Gipson was considered to have an outside chance at becoming the highest paid safety in the NFL, but an injury happened and that was followed by a year of lackluster play. Still we have seen other players somewhat limp into free agency and still score big and in a few cases with this Jaguars team. That didn’t happen with Gipson who signed a reasonable deal with the Jaguars. Continue reading Best and Worst Contracts 2016: Jacksonville Jaguars »

Thoughts on Wilkersons new contract

I’m as stunned as anyone today that Muhammad Wilkerson signed an extension with the Jets. Of all the franchise players I felt he was the least likely of all to sign a new contract. After all these negotiations began over two years ago when John Idzik was the GM and it was hard to imagine after all that time a last ditch offer getting it done but somehow it did. We don’t have any firm numbers on the Wilkerson deal yet besides a report of a $15 million signing bonus and $37M two year total, but as a Jets fan I wanted to write about the contract anyway even with limited info. Continue reading Thoughts on Wilkersons new contract »