Patriots Agree to Trade Logan Mankins to Buccaneers

The Patriots are no stranger to surprising late summer roster moves and this year’s edition sees them moving long time Guard Logan Mankins to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Tim Wright and a draft pick.

Mankins, our pick for worst contract on the Patriots over the last two seasons, signed a monster contract in 2011 that he had little chance to live up to. His contract remains the top valued contract among Guards and he is still a top five earner in cash salary, four years into the deal. He carried a $10.25 million cap charge in 2014 for … Read the rest

The NFL Salary Cap and Super Bowl Champions Part II

In Part I of our look back at the salary cap spending of Super Bowl Champions we looked at spending on the top spots of the roster. In this one we want to look at the positional breakdowns of those top roster spots on the champions. Just as a quick reminder we are not including the 97 and 98 Broncos due to salary cap violations nor the 2010 Packers since the 2010 season had no salary cap. All figures are based on percent of the teams adjusted salary cap to adjust for the differences in salaries over the large time … Read the rest

Over The Cap Fantasy Football League

Jason and I have discussed the possibility of having a fantasy football league for the staff with Over the Cap readers. We think there is some crossover between salary cap issues and fantasy football, so we could find a way to make some points along the season through fantasy football, but we also think it would be a fun experience.

Please tweet @Jason_OTC or myself, @ZackMooreNFL, if you’re interested in joining the league!… Read the rest

Reviewing NFL Roster Cuts and Transactions for August 24

Teams have until Tuesday to bring their rosters down to 75 players and a few teams have already made many of their decisions and begun the process of releasing players. Most of the moves that occur are not noteworthy but there are always a few surprising cuts to go along with some bad injury news for certain players. Lets go over the bigger news stories of the day.

The St. Louis Rams announced that quarterback Sam Bradford suffered another ACL injury and would miss the entire 2014 NFL season. Bradford’s college and NFL career has been marred by injury and … Read the rest

Podcast: Discussing Andrew Brandt’s MMQB Article on an NFL D-League

As a part of my work here at Over The Cap, I want to share with you my thoughts through podcasts. Currently, I am not skilled in the technological know-how to put my podcasts on iTunes and such, but that will be done within the next few weeks.

On Friday, I shared my thoughts on this article by Andrew Brandt:

As someone who played with guys who were in the un-drafted free agency pool, trained with these kind of players at DeFranco’s Gym as well as clients that I’ve been involved with, I’ve seen first hand how much the … Read the rest