We’re Back Online and Some Site News


As everyone was well aware there were some site issues (which is putting it mildly) over the last two days where people simply could not get access, saw a suspended page, or saw a we’ll be back shortly page. What happened was the article I wrote on Elvis Dumervil caught a large deal of attention and brought enough users onto the site Saturday at once that it crashed the servers. The initial growth of this website has been outstanding far outpacing my other cap site and my largest expectations for here. There was an issue a few days before this but we thought we pinpointed a specific IP that was using an inordinate amount of bandwidth in the sites early days online that was subsequently banned. But the reality is that the site had outgrown the original configuration. Thanks to the fine people at Polurnet, who I have worked with for some time, we were able to get the site on a more stable and faster server with more resources pretty quickly. So we should be free and clear of interruptions from  this point forward.

With the site down and working to get it back online some of the contract updating needed to take a back seat. Some of the teams are very up to date while others like the Titans are way behind. You can keep up with the contract additions in our signings tracker and we’ll work hard to get everyone in there as best as possible over the next few days. Hopefully we can do some thoughtful analysis of some of these deals when things wind down. Thanks for your patience and continued support