Welcome to the redesigned Over The Cap


When I discovered Over The Cap last year, I immediately appreciated all of the hard work that Jason put into providing outstanding information of NFL contracts and the salary cap. I soon realized how much more potential OTC has to further that goal. Given my common knowledge of how financials in the league work, as well as my knowledge on website building and database management, I’ve set out to help Jason make some of that potential reality. This new design is another step that I feel will work toward making OTC the premiere location to learn and understand how contracts and the cap work in the NFL.

The core of the redesign is the dashboard that I have introduced at the top of every page. This dashboard should make navigation to OTC’s features much easier, as well as adding a little power to them as well. Here are some aspects of particular note:
–You will see some familiar links on the red and blue bars on the top, such as total salary cap space, active contracts, free agency, the calculator, and more. Inside these links, you will find respective data that will be broken down in convenient views, such as tabbed yearly sections, or filters by team, position, and more.
–The player search box has been enhanced to make finding a player’s contract much quicker. Each player’s page contains his basic information, contract data, and financial comparisons.
–Each team has its own dedicated page; you will be first taken to see its year-by-year salary cap commitments and total player liabilities. Links on its bar will take you to team-specific versions of the site, ranging from its calculator to pending free agents and more.
–There are also dedicated pages for each position, in case you’re curious how players at a specific position financially compare to each other.

As this is a brand new design, there will inevitably be some kinks that need to be straightened out. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on how to fix or improve the new design. You may do so in the content section of this post, and you may use the contact form on the calculator if you prefer to reach me directly (I will soon place a copy of this form on the dashboard as well). Aspects in particular that would be good to hear about include:
–Any bugs in the tools or design that simply aren’t working as they should
–Opinions on the layout and managing navigation across the site
–Opinions on the visual and artistic feel of the design
–Suggestions for additional features in the future

I hope you enjoy the new design, and that it makes the upcoming 2014 NFL season even more enjoyable!