Vikings Trade Matt Cassel to the Bills

The Bills makeover continues. Just one day after agreeing to a trade with the Eagles for running back LeSean McCoy they are back in the trade market, this time acquiring quarterback Matt Cassel from the Minnesota Vikings.

Cassel will carry a $4.75 million cap charge for the Bills this season. He is due a $500,000 roster bonus on March 17 and can earn up to $1.25 million in incentives. Unlike what I speculated about McCoy, I do not believe the Bills would even consider extending Cassel.

Cassel is kind of an odd choice for the Bills, but I guess it indicates that they did not see a better option in free agency where they would have likely taken a run at either Mark Sanchez or Matt Moore.  The last time Cassel started more than 9 games in a season was 2010, so it is hard to picture Cassel lasting in a starting role for the Bills either. The Bills had looked at Josh McCown, but he selected the Browns, who offered a three year contract.

Given the trade for McCoy and money the team will likely need to spend on the offensive line the Bills may have decided that a lower cost, one year contract was better than having to get into a two or three year one with those players mentioned above.

Minnesota, who I believe is a darkhorse team to be surprisingly active in free agency, creates an additional $4.75M in space with the trade. They have a lot more money they can free up by working with the deals of Chad Greenway, Greg Jennings, and Adrian Peterson.

  • McGeorge

    As a Jets fan I’m continuing to like the moves the Bills are making.
    Matt Cassel is better than Geno Smith, that’s about all I can say for him.
    I’m glad to see the Bills throwing away money. Whats Cassel going to do compared to EJ Manuel? They’re both awful. Rather than wasting money like that, target a franchise QB next year (when you get a first round pick).

  • buk

    Have to disagree. Another Jet fan here who thinks this is a good move for Bills. Cassell career stats are 96 td to 70 interceptions with a 59% completion rate and he is only 32yrs old. With the way Sanchez and Geno turned the ball over the last 4yrs Rex would have killed for TD to Int ratio. Also this trade vs pursuing Sanchez or Hoyer in FA means the Bills need only commit to Cassel for one year while after deal McCown got they’d have to commit to multiyear deals to suspect FA QBs.
    Now the Bills can give their 1st rd pick Manuel every opportunity to win the job or move on from both QBs next year if they need to. The Bills have shown they understand they are Bills in that nobody will go there unless you trade for them or wildly overpay in FA. Secondly they understand that to get out of the AFC East you must contstruct a team that can challenge the Patriots. As of today both McCoy and Cassel are guaranteed no money past this year so it’s not as if they mortgages their future by giving up some late rd picks and Alonso who had 2 ACL surgeries.

    • McGeorge

      If you take out Cassels fluke year (2008 with the Patriots) he’s not been very good. His last 6 years with KC and the Vikes – His QBR is low, and his TD/Int ratio is 73 / 57.
      He’s probably not as good as Kyle Orton, so where does that leave the Bills?
      I guess he’s better than Hoyer and Sanchez? But that’s not saying much.
      I expect them to drop to 8-8 with him instead of Orton.