Updates To OTC’s Draft Page for 2016 And To Player Pages

With half of the 2015 season in the books, it’s that unenviable time of year for fans of some teams to start looking toward next season.  Thus, it’s time to adjust OTC’s draft page for 2016 figures.  There’s also a small addition I’ve made to the player pages that could possibly set the foundation for larger additions in the future.

The 2016 rookie pool numbers that you will see for the remainder of the 2015 season will work on two assumptions.  One will be the current projected draft order based upon records, strength of schedule tiebreakers, and playoff projections.  The other is OTC’s current estimate of a $150 million salary cap for 2016.  Expect these numbers to change, but not overwhelmingly so, as the 2015 season progresses.

I have also made behind-the-scenes adjustment to the code to better manage traded picks, as well as to account for forfeited draft picks due to usage in the supplemental draft or due to league discipline.  Culling through all the trades that have been made was a bit exhausting, so if you see any errors to a team’s draft slate (click on a team name to highlight their slate), please let me know so I can make corrections.

Meanwhile, on the majority of player pages I have also added some traditional statistics so that you can compare those familiar numbers with a player’s contract in the same view.  Because these are traditional statistics, that means that you won’t see anything for positions that don’t generate them (offensive linemen), and positions that generate only few will lack some relevancy (like nose tackle).  Also, you’ll only see the last 4-5 years of stats, as when it comes to contract values what players did longer than that is not very useful.  Down the road, we hope to build some more advanced numbers that combine statistics that you’re familiar with with contract numbers to portray a more accurate representation of what kind of return teams get on their investment in players.