Updates to the Salary Cap Calculator

As we approach November with some teams already looking to 2015, I’ve made a few updates to the Salary Cap Calculator to prepare accordingly.

  • Numerous changes to the architecture were made behind the scenes that won’t be obvious to the user but were needed for better operation and maintainability.
  • The calculator has been adjusted to put 2014 in the rearviewmirror and to focus primarily on 2015.
  • That said, transactions may now be conducted on players beyond 2015.  This should be helpful for users to forecast when appropriate cuts/restructures/etc need to be made further down the road.
  • Finally, in a feature that many have been asking for, you may now add pending free agents from other teams to the roster.  Use the “Add Free Agent” search box in the upper right of the tabbed tables to populate a list that is filtered exclusively for 2015 free agents.  Do note that this does not yet include players whose contracts will void–that will be made official soon after the Super Bowl.

Please note that both the figures for the overall salary cap and for franchise and RFA tenders are not official at this point, and will change when the offseason progresses onward.  Also note that carryover from the previous season has yet to be accounted for.  There is no way to know these numbers for sure until the 2014 season concludes, but to get an estimate, refer to the current salary cap space for the teams.

As always, feedback is appreciated, and you may send it in via the comments on this page, or in the contact form in the legend on the calculator page.  Happy mock GMing!