Updates To OTC’s Free Agency Page

With free agency only ten days away I felt that it would be prudent to add a couple features to our respective page to increase its value to our readers.  The two major changes you will see are as follows:

  • If a free agent changes teams, his old and new team will now be displayed. Now, if you filter by a team, you will see both its free agents that it lost and gained.  For 2015, most of the new team entries are obviously blank, but that will of course rapidly change after March 10.
  • The data now loads one year at a time as you click on a tab, with the current year loading upon the page visit.  This is needed to reduce load times and prevent the page from timing out.

If you do not immediately see the changes that have taken place, it is likely a caching issue that in most cases can be resolved by clearing the page’s cache from your browser.  As always, if you have any questions or see any bugs, let me know by commenting in this post.  In particular, be sure to alert me if you find that the table isn’t displaying, and the preloader icon won’t go away.