Time for Gronk to Change His Twitter Bio

Carson Tinker Gronk

(Referencing the Jimmy Graham situation…)

Gronk Twitter Bio

Gronk vs Calvin Johnson Contracts

I’m surprised Rosenhaus didn’t tell him to change his Twitter bio last year when the Patriots really started to move him all over the field. Like I said with that Tebow article the other day, we need to abandon the way we label players in the NFL.

Gronk just might be the biggest mismatch in the NFL and he should probably be paid like one. Now, I’m not saying he should be paid like Calvin Johnson because the Patriots and Gronkowski don’t want that. Johnson getting paid an estimated 7.03% of the cap more than Jerry Rice’s Super Bowl record of 8.56% back in 1994 is why the Patriots have constructed a dynasty, they understand how to leverage the salary cap, while many teams seem to just look at how much money they have to spend each year and go out and spend it.

I expect Gronk and the Patriots to come to some kind of agreement after this season, or the 2016 season if now is too early, where they slightly restructure his contract and reward him with a signing bonus, while also keeping his percentages of the salary cap consumption fairly low. While Gronk won’t make a public spectacle of it, playing for about 4% of the salary cap is just too low, he’ll want something with slightly higher guarantees than his last deal with a signing bonus that will literally be like a bonus for his phenomenal play.

That kind of treatment of employees is why guys like Rodney Harrison pretends that there’s no reason to be “suspicious” of anything regarding Bill Belichick, these guys LOVE the Patriots organization because they take care of them, so in return, the players are always willing to help the team perform at it’s highest level and compete for championships.

This is why the Patriots are like the Gracie’s in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, while some franchises seem to be taking a cardio boxing class at the local YMCA sometimes.
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