Thoughts on the Jets at the Halfway Mark

With the Jets season now halfway over and the playoff chances looking dim after a surprising start, I thought it was a good time to look at the Jets and where they go from here. This has little to do with any contract related stuff and its just my usual yearly Jets assessment, so if you aren’t a Jets fan you can probably stop reading here.

Like most people I didn’t expect much out of the Jets this season. I didn’t get caught up in the 0-16 nonsense that some were saying, but I didn’t see a path to any playoff possibilities. That made this season extra tough to start with and this is by far the least interested I have been in a Jets season. Pretty much my whole life as a Jets fan, which dates back to the 80s, I’ve been able to find some hope in a season, even 1996 which turned out to be the worst season in the history of the organization.

That has made the losses this year kind of odd.  In most years when the team would be competitive and find ways to lose games I would, like most of the Jets fans, get pretty frustrated with the team. I think it was the 1991 season where the team invented new ways to lose each week but was still competitive enough to make the playoffs at 8-8. Each loss was tough to take as a fan since the season should have been much better.

The Jets have done a lot of that this year. They inexplicably lost to the Dolphins two weeks ago after dominating the game and found a way to lose to the Falcons yesterday in what would best be described as a game where each team tried to give the game to the other team multiple times. They also blew a game to the Patriots, though at least that was the Patriots and not two bad teams. Win 2 of those 3 games and the Jets are 5-3 and in the playoff hunt. Instead they are left for dead at 3-5.

That should leave me pretty mad as a fan with the team, the front office, the coach, just somebody… except it doesn’t. I’ve grown apathetic to the team this year because they gave me nothing to hope for and the small teases of respectability didn’t change that feeling.  Reading Twitter feeds during the game, reading posts on Jets forums, listening to talk radio or reading articles about the team I don’t think I’m alone either.

What would normally be lots of discussion about bad coaching decisions, a bad play by the QB, a muffed punt, a missed tackle, etc… doesn’t exist. Outside of the Jets seemingly playing 11 on 16 in that Patriots game where every official must have had a Pats jersey under their shirt nobody cares and even that game people cared about because it was New England who we all want to beat. It’s an awful place to be for an organization when a loss is met with a shrug of the shoulders.

Maybe some of that comes from the coach and the front office. For all of Rex Ryan’s faults the guy did wear his emotions on his sleeve. While he often said the same things over and over and it became a bit of a comedy routine at the end you knew he felt like a fan when they lost. When Herman Edwards does the “you play to win the game” speech it hits somewhere with the fans, even if the coach is to blame for the losses too.

Todd Bowles is very guarded to say the least. After a loss that put his season on life support yesterday you got nothing from him.  The team was frustrated. They were trying hard and mostly in the right positions but they have to find a way to win. And that was that. I’m sure the losses get to him, but if he is supposed to get the fans more invested in the Jets it isn’t happening.

That brings up the first question for the Jets this year and that is what do you do with Bowles moving forward. I put up a small poll yesterday on Twitter just to get the fan reaction and it was about 60-40 for keeping him after the season. That actually surprised me and I think it has to do with how bad expectations were going into the season.

Bowles’ team has outperformed expectations. His team, unlike last year, certainly tries each week. They simply aren’t good. Sure some of the blame for a late game collapse goes to the coach, but when you are working with one of the three worst rosters in the NFL what can you do?  They don’t have the depth nor the talent to do the things other franchises do. Nothing Bowles has done this year warrants firing him.

But has Bowles done anything this year that warrants keeping him either?  Not really. His track record with the organization isn’t good. You can’t point to great coaching moments nor can you point to players that have broken out under him. The team has one quality win (versus the Jaguars) and the losses to the Raiders, Dolphins, and Falcons are not good losses. He comes across as someone who will be a lifetime 6-10 type of coach with a 9 or 10 win one and done playoff season thrown in. That isn’t good enough.

I think the only way I would reconsider the position is if he made a drastic change at the QB position and it somehow worked out and the team got hot. That was another poll question I did and the results seemed to match what ESPN later did on a similar poll. Though fans are split as to who the QB should be, it’s about a 2:1 margin that says it should not be McCown.

That’s a tough call for Bowles and the organization. McCown has been ok and is a professional. Benching McCown could make the season go off the rails. Right now the Jets are respectable losers. Maybe Bowles thinks that enough with the front office. If they go to Petty or Hackenberg they could very easily turn into the Browns or the Colts. He would have zero chance of keeping his job if that happened, but if the guys got hot maybe things could change.

The front office may not want such a change either. Right now I would imagine that Bowles is the fall guy if the owner decides he wants a change. That usually is the case unless something drastic happens that changes the focus. The Jets playing musical chairs with Petty and Hackenberg stinking up the field could be that move that puts the spotlight on the front office instead of just Bowles. Making the switch could also derail promising starts for Robby Anderson and Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who are two of the bright spot moves from the team, and lead to more veterans quitting on the team, a reminder of how bad the Forte, Wilkerson, etc…signings really were.

That brings up the final question I had which was what to do with Mike Maccagnan. This was around 55/45 in the poll to keep him.

My biggest issue with Maccagnan has been his drafting and approach to the draft. When you make the moves that he has made at the top of the draft- taking a luxury pick at DE, drafting a 1st round inside linebacker, and taking a safety the players have to be generational kind of talents. Now maybe some of the blame lies on Bowles and its certainly too early to say on way or the other on Adams, but I certainly think its very fair to question the decision making.

Leonard Williams is a nice player, but when he made that pick he had to be a great player. He didn’t have to be JJ Watt, but he had to be either a Haloti Ngata, who doesn’t make a big statistical impact but dominated the line and helped his team, or (to keep it Jets related) a John Abraham that terrorized the QB when he was on the field. Instead he’s more like a Shaun Ellis. A nice, solid, good player. The Jets had two of those in Richardson and Wilkerson. They didn’t need a third.

Darron Lee had to be Patrick Willis or Luke Kuechly to justify that selection. Lee’s just a guy. Nothing more. Nothing less. If he wasn’t a first round draft pick nobody would even know who he was and its probably debatable if he would be starting every game. Maybe he will improve, but hes now in his second year in the NFL and still has a long way to go.

Adams needs to be to top safety for the next 7 or 8 years and has had his ups and downs but as a rookie lets just say the jury is out. The 2nd rounders have been a disaster. Devin Smith is never healthy and Hackenberg looks like a colossal failure. Maybe Marcus Maye changes things around, though taking two safeties is always a major question mark when you look at the team.

So far in three years I don’t think you would say he hit a home run anywhere in the draft. A couple of guys who are ok and that’s that.  Anderson was a good UDFA signing and the Kearse and ASJ moves were both solid. They have signed a few questionable contracts and a few decent ones, but thus far the team is trending towards a life of 5 and 6 wins if they maintain their same level of success.

I think this is a really hard decision for the team. My feeling is if you want to keep Mac it means you are willing to stick it out with him for at least two more years. The Jets right now are on pace for the 9th pick in the draft. While I think they could win another game or two I’d be surprised if they did well enough to not be in the top 10. The Jets also have massive amounts of cap room next year that they can use to try to improve the team.

Basically if you are letting Maccagnan make a top 10 pick and sign say $40 million in player contracts, you are letting him define your roster for at least two more seasons, and maybe three depending on how the contracts are structured. So I don’t think you can be of the “lets give him another chance and see how he does” mindset. You have to be convinced hes the guy. If you fire him after next season after letting him do all that, you are really setting the franchise back too much. Just remember that you are potentially looking at back to back to back top 10 selections for the first time since I believe the 90s if the Jets falter under Mac the rest of this year and maintain their current path next year.

I don’t think the head coach and GM have to be tied at the hip but if he was to fire Bowles then the Jets organization needs to show Maccagnan some public commitment to try to lure a better crop of coaching candidates that won’t believe they will be one and done guys.

Honestly Im not sure what I would do. If I was running the team I’d really like to know when he selected players the way he did and how he saw the DE, ILB, S combo in the draft turning a franchise around from a doormat to contender. I’d like to know why they caved at the last second to Wilkerson’s and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s contract demands. What did they see in Matt Forte that they wanted two years from him?

From the outside looking in it is hard to see what they have been going for outside of the 1st year just trying to put a professional product on the field.  They haven’t built anything nor do they have the traditional building blocks you often see, but maybe there is something they have in mind.

My guess is the Jets will come back with the same group next year. In general ownership has been reactionary to failures when they come with lots of attention, but this isn’t getting that attention. Like I said Im apathetic and so seems to be most of the Jets fanbase. The Giants are dominating the local headlines for being dysfunctional and nationally the Browns, Raiders, and Bucs are all worse off than the Jets.

Who knows maybe the Jets will surprise us all and finish with 7 wins on the year, but I’m not sure what can really change outside of the QB that really would change the way I view the team. My guess is nobodys opinions will really change much until next year. Lets just hope they figure out how to do a better job between now and then.

  • William Gutierrez

    Always love your perspective. I think the Jets need to look at this year as a reset. Either go all in with Macc next year (let him pick his coach and get an extension for 2-3 years) or start over. I am 50/50 right now. My biggest issue with Macc is that he has basically ignored IMO the 5 or the 6 most important positions on a team. QB, LT, C, Edge, CB. With 4 pick in the top 75 of next years draft, we need to set the foundation for the future of the franchise/

    • McGeorge

      Why wasn’t 2015 a reset? Macc should have had the brains to do then what he did now.
      Unless Woody was whispering in his ear.
      I want to blame Macc for a lot but maybe Woody was meddeling.

  • Dan Kunze

    As a Bear fan we have a lot of the same things going on. A ton of shoulder shrugging. And a lot of asking “what’s the plan?”. I will admit we seem to always be beset by injuries for whatever reason. We do have qb hope though. I am pretty sure that Fox is a dead man walking but we will keep the GM for another year or two.

    • McGeorge

      Whats you view on Trubisky? You mention QB hope, but 4/7 and his last game aren’t exactly stellar.

      • Dan Kunze

        He’s surrounded by garbage so it is an incomplete so far. When he has time he is making some great throws and he can run so that is a great thing too. I am more than willing to give him a year to figure it all out. I am a bit saddened that they had to toss him into the mix so soon – I think the coaches more than anyone wanted to try to save their jobs but I have no proof of that. A better plan should have let Glennon absorb all of the punishment until the last few meaningless games this year. But the owners could have possibly not been able to ignore the howling masses anymore either. Hard to say.

  • a57se

    I’d dump Macc immediately, hire Scott McCloughan and let him decide on Bowles after the season…
    Macc’s personnel moves are pretty decent but his drafting is not and as you said, I don’t have the faith in him to waste anymore draft capital or to build this team anymore. You can criticize Bowles but the roster and lack of talent is on the GM.

    • McGeorge

      I second hiring Scott McCloughan.
      I’d let him hire the HC.

  • fattyboomboom

    It’s really hard like you said, I met Mac in London and he is a class guy….but in his First year i was really left scratching my head over how he wasted so much cap room on players that were either on the down slope of their careers, or just not worth the amount they paid….I know it was his first year and the team played well so for year 1 we need to give him a B+……

    now going into year 2 he basically doubled down on the same players, a year older and then the whole game of chicken he played with Fitz and Mo, a very suspect draft, then his capitulation and giving Mo and Fitz what they wanted, it just seemed like a guy out of his depth who thought he had a playoff caliber squad and panicked, of course his house of cards came down quickly, so it’s got to be a D-

    Now year 3, I honestly think he’s learned some important lessions….despite Revis coming out about the team showing his some loyality, he cut him, everyone loves Mangold but it was the right move, Harris is an amazing leader but his play has not matched the value of his contract for several years….the only cut I didn’t like was Decker.

    So maybe like we always do as Jets fans i’ve got my beer goggles on, but I honestly think(hope) it’s heading in the right direction, but we need to see him fill the holes on the roster next year, Claibourne and ASJ need to be back at the right price, he needs to look at the O-Line , make a decision on Mo and will we every find a long term QB !!!

    • McGeorge

      Macc may be the best guy in teh world, but he’s not a good GM.
      John Idzik was supposedly highly intelligent, but that didn’t make him a good GM.

      Macc has done a poor job dealing with the Oline for 3 years, I don’t see why he’d all of a sudden be able to draft a couple of studs.
      Mayber Macc has learned a little, and he should it’s his 3rd year. But I don’t see enough improvement that I’d trust him next year. If he screws up next year, with that cap excess, then the team is set back 2-3 more years.

  • Werner

    Actually somewhat speaking, that Jets were not in,when it counted.They got rid off some of the Veterans and Richardson, but Wilkerson is still there and now we know Dareus could be moved, the GM must have slept on his watch here as well. Garropolo could have be had once Jets were out of any running, and their 2nd pick is not gonna be much worse then the 49ers, so i am missing initiativehere in one word and it is just more of we aint as bad as everybody thought, so we are actually doing good – that’s not enough to actually be good any time near in the future.

    • ksperfect

      Since Belichick seems to honestly think Garropolo is a franchise QB I cannot imagine he would trade Garropolo in the division. Belichick did trade Bledsoe to the Bills, but in that case Belichick did not think Bledsoe was very good.

    • Josh Carter

      why would the bills give an impact player to a division rival right before they faced each other

  • Robert Papalia

    I think everybody needs to take a chill pill here and let the season play out. It could go one of three ways. The Jets get better. The Jets get worse. The Jets stay the same. Nobody really knows. Football is a funny game. Sometimes it is the bounce of the ball. Or injuries. Or players who don`t care anymore. You really never know. So I say let the season play out and see what happens. I have been watching this team since 1964 and I think I know enough of this team`s history to safely say wait until the season is over to make judgements about what the Jets do next.

  • Dwight Black

    Great insight especially in the world of hot takes that we live in.

  • Josh Carter

    I think MacCagnan is the guy, he’s built a solid core on defense, he now needs to find his QB and rebuild the offensive line and the jets will be a 10 win team a season with this roster

    • McGeorge

      What is the solid core on defense?

      Leonard Williams, Adams, Maye?
      Probably Wilkerson gets cut. I guess Jenkins is ok. Demario Davis is fair and is 28, not a solid core at all.

      “Rebuild the OLine”? That sound easy, all it takes is 5 new players, right?

      • Josh Carter

        I think the OL has a decent young RT in Shell who needs a true leader and two decent guards. and a stopgap LT. Get a strong leader and truly quality Mangold like player/leader at center (see Billy Price from OSU in round 2) and he’ll bring the play up of the whole OL. we’ve seen sparks from everyone else.

        here are the core players to keep and build on: Adams, Maye, Jenkins, Davis, Claiborne, Roberts, Burris (as a cb2 or cb3) even Lee and Mo playing better in last 2 weeks. Also, offense has some solid young wrs in Anderson and Kearse and solid rb stable even after we let go of Forte. The last 3 jets games are wins if not for a bonehead special teams play that turns the tide or a bogus freak playcall. I think with a better qb and OL play the current Jets would only have a loss to the Raiders

        • McGeorge

          Is Shell a decent young RT? Or is he somewhat below average and were hoping he improves? I agree that bringing in a 21 year old Nick Mangold would help A LOT.

          Demario Davis wont be around more than a year or two. Jenkins is ok.
          Claiborne may be gone after the season.
          Roberts and Burris are not part of my idea of a solid core. They are bodies.

          I do like Robbie Anderson. The Kearse trade was good too.

          The Jets have an easy schedule and even if they won an extra game or two they are not that good. They are not a good QB away from being a good team. They need better players.

  • Cliff Baum

    If the Jets finally land a good QB in the draft I think the front office/coach is just good enough to build around. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. Bowles at least seems to be developing no-name offensive talent and McCag deserves credit for making the right moves last offseason i.m.o. One major counterpoint: if they thought Hackenberg was worth a 2nd round pick that alone may be a fire-able offense.

    • McGeorge

      The devil we know isn’t very good. 3 years is enough time. Either a GM makes some real progress or he hasn’t. If Macc had come up with 2 more good starters, but not a QB, then I’d be ok staying with him. If Darron Lee was a very good LB and Devin Smith a goor #1 then Maccs drafting would be ok and the team would gradually improve. But Macc is treading water.
      And he’s not very good at duties outside drafting.

      • Cliff Baum

        if they can get to 7 wins I have to think the GM and coach need one more chance. This was supposed to be the worst team in the league. Instead, they have developed some real receiving talent and have some building blocks in place. If they get one of the top 3 QBs in the draft they actually have a chance to develop something sustainable. Even Kirk Cousins may be a good long term fit with this team, believe it or not.

        One other note: if they do decide to fire the GM they need to also release the coach–it never works out having a coach in place that was not hired by the GM, even if the coach is otherwise decent. Don’t fall into this trap!

  • McGeorge

    >>Right now the Jets are respectable losers

    Respectable losers are for:
    loser owners
    loser coaches and front offices
    loser fans

    I’d rather my team go 2-14 and get a franchise QB than go 5-11 and either have to pay through the nose to trade up or miss out on a QB and tread water for years on end.

    I thought the McCown signing was bad at the time because it made no sense. Its not like there was a young first round pick QB you wanted to sit for half a season and learn from a vet. McCown is better than Petty and Hackenberg and ended up with an extra one or two meaningless wins that will cost the jets hugely at draft time.

    >>Basically if you are letting Maccagnan make a top 10 pick and sign say $40 million in player contracts, you are letting him define your roster for at least two more seasons, and maybe three depending on how the contracts are structured. So I don’t think you can be of the “lets give him another chance and see how he does” mindset. You have to be convinced hes the guy.

    Maccagnan doesn’t have a plan he drifts and bounces around. He should have torn down the team when he came not waited 3 years to tank, and do a half assed job of it.
    He inherited a lot of excess cap from Idzik and used it poorly. The Jets had nothing to show for that expenditure after 1 year.

    While Bowles is not a good HC, it makes no sense to fire him while retaining Macc. Fire Macc and let the new GM hire the HC.
    The other thing is HCs get the blame when the GM does a bad job obtaining players, and the HC gets too much credit when the GM does a good job getting players. Bowles has had 3 years, and has he improved? I don’t think so. Has Macc improved? I’m not so sure he has.

    Id fire Macc and Bowles and let the new GM hire the HC. The attraction for a potential GM is you have some cap money and a clean slate.
    Macc had 3 years and tread water. I don’t trust him to do better the next 2-3 years. Worse, he may bet the farm, trade up and select a so-so QB, realizing that he’s on thin ice and needs to find a QB now or be fired.

    Lastly, part of teh blame is on Woody. He needed to realize the team had to clean house and rebuild. Competitive rebuild is nonsense.