The Top Performing Agents in Free Agency

With free agency still going strong I thought maybe we would turn some attention to the top performing agents this year. What I did was look at every free agent (or set to be free agent) contract that averages at least $1.5 million per year that was signed after the Super Bowl (1 year franchise tags excluded) that we have records of and added them all up to see which agents are having a great offseason in 2021. This list isn’t complete as our own records are a work in progress but Ill try to update this list at the end of next week as well.

The biggest winner this year has been Todd France who thus far we have with over $360 million in contracts negotiated and there are more on the way. The biggest home run was Dak Prescott but he also dominated the edge rusher market with three of the top four performers- Bud Dupree, Leonard Floyd, and Carl Lawson. Well over $200 million in guarantees for the players and about 65% of the contracts were protected for injury.

Drew Rosenhaus was second with over $240 million in contracts negotiated across 10 players we have records of, Shaq Barrett being the biggest of the group. Rosenhaus has over $100 million in full salary protection negotiated into his contracts with no vesting guarantees and all guaranteed at signing for his players.

Third of all agents this year is Vincent Taylor of Elite Loyalty all on the strength of the massive contract he negotiated on behalf of Trent Williams. This was arguably the best non-quarterback contract signed this offseason eclipsing $20 million a year in real value for a 33 year old left tackle.

Here is the list of who we have as the top 20 ranked by total contract value negotiated this free agency period. Again its not complete but I thought it was a different way to look at some things this year.

AgentPlayersTotal YearsTotal Contract ValueTotal Annual ValueInjury Guaranteed% Inj. GuarFully Guaranteed% Fully Guar.1st Year Cash
Todd France618$360,500,000$96,500,000$232,400,00064.5%$198,650,00055.1%$133,000,000
Drew Rosenhaus1027$242,250,000$72,500,000$107,500,00044.4%$107,500,00044.4%$85,500,000
Vincent Taylor27$139,810,000$24,760,000$45,600,00032.6%$40,550,00029.0%$34,150,000
Tom Condon410$95,000,000$37,500,000$69,000,00072.6%$66,000,00069.5%$42,250,000
Roosevelt Barnes25$85,000,000$32,000,000$61,000,00071.8%$61,000,00071.8%$38,000,000
Mike McCartney15$80,000,000$16,000,000$46,890,00058.6%$31,890,00039.9%$18,100,000
Jared Fox713$76,800,000$33,400,000$49,750,00064.8%$44,250,00057.6%$37,500,000
Billy Conaty15$62,500,000$12,500,000$26,000,00041.6%$17,000,00027.2%$17,000,000
Chafie Fields58$61,100,000$32,100,000$48,450,00079.3%$39,100,00064.0%$33,850,000
Harold Lewis14$60,000,000$15,000,000$16,000,00026.7%$16,000,00026.7%$20,000,000
Jerard Roggio14$54,500,000$13,625,000$32,000,00058.7%$30,000,00055.0%$20,000,000
James Sexton35$48,712,500$23,712,500$31,887,50065.5%$31,887,50065.5%$28,212,500
Joel Segal36$48,150,000$17,025,000$29,050,00060.3%$25,550,00053.1%$19,900,000
Peter Schaffer27$46,660,391$12,636,797$21,500,09746.1%$21,500,09746.1%$14,610,097
Kim Miale24$45,000,000$20,333,333$32,000,00071.1%$27,000,00060.0%$23,000,000
Tory Dandy47$41,550,000$19,050,000$26,550,00063.9%$26,550,00063.9%$19,300,000
Ryan Williams26$41,250,000$13,750,000$19,000,00046.1%$19,000,00046.1%$15,000,000
Kennard McGuire13$40,500,000$13,500,000$26,000,00064.2%$21,000,00051.9%$16,750,000
Buddy Baker13$40,000,000$13,333,333$29,000,00072.5%$24,500,00061.3%$14,000,000
Jeff Nalley25$32,500,000$16,000,000$19,000,00058.5%$19,000,00058.5%$19,500,000