The Salary Cap and Cash Timeline of Trading Darrelle Revis

I had this on my other site since its Jets related but since there are plenty of other fans who come here interested in the Revis sweepstakes here are how his cap hits for the Jets are affected by the timing of a trade. For those interested in the cost of trading for him as a 1 year rental, if the trade is made before March 17th its $6 million. From that point forward you an follow the cash chart to get an idea of the costs after that date. Basically every few months $1 million in cash is knocked off the price.

Trade Date2013 Cap Hit2014 Cap Hit2013 Cash
Before March 17th$12 million$0 million$0 million
Between March 17th and Start of Workouts$13 million$0 million$1 million
Before June 1st and After Workouts Completed$14 million$0 million$2 million
After June 1st and Before Training Camp$5 million$9 million$2 million
After Start of Training Camp and Before Week 1$6 million$9 million$3 million
During the season$6 million + $176,471 x weeks on Jets$9 million$3 million + $176,471 x weeks on Jets