The Brock Osweiler Contract Possibilities via SN

This week at the Sporting News I take a look at Brock Osweiler’s incredible timing of getting the starting job on a team with a dominant defense as he prepares for free agency in 2016. It may put the Broncos in a bit of  a bind with their salary cap situation and franchise tag decision. Feel free to check it out and comment here if you would like.

Osweiler’s Contract Possibilities via SN

  • NW86

    Yes, I think we’re actually going to have a bit of a more intriguing QB market than we’ve had the past few years. Osweiler and Cousins are probably not franchise-tag worthy based on their limited bodies of work so far, but on the open market, a desperate team will probably pay them pretty good money. After Dalton’s $16M number, there aren’t many data points when you remove rookie contracts and Brady’s outlier. Basically Foles’s $12.25M is the only other comparable and I think Cousins and Osweiler will both beat that, but can either of them reach the $16M+ range that is currently only occupied by firmly established starters?

    Throw Bradford, Kaepernick, and RGIII into the mix and March could be pretty interesting – something tells me a couple teams could make decisions they might regret 6 months later.

  • McGeorge

    The Broncos still have 5 more games to play so Osweiler will have a body of work to be evaluated on. Whats bad from the teams point of view is there isn’t much film of him for opponents to study, so he may appear good this year, in limited play, as was Foles his first season. But when teams can analyze a full seasons worth of games, thats’ when you find out how good a QB is.

    As for teams that are desperate for QBs (like the Jets), do they really want to tie themselves to a 16-18MM/year contract for several years, for an unknown QB?
    Does Osweiller really look THAT good?
    At least with another 5 games, we’ll be able to form a better opinion.

  • theowl

    It is creepy how similar Osweiler and Blaine Gabbert match up. This year they have almost identical snaps, PPF ratings, QBR ratings, and NFL ratings. And both have played very good defenses the last couple weeks. Gabbert is still young, at 26, only a year older than Osweiler.

    The difference is Trent Balke resigned him to a two year contract before the season, which most 49er fans hated, but could prove to be a shrewd move. It will give them more time to see if he is worth the goods, and some flexibility when dealing with Kaepernick and the draft this off season.

    Of course very few people are taking Gabbert seriously, but the funny thing is outside of San Francisco I don’t think anyone has seen him play this year. To me he looks more mature, on and off the field.