Texas’ Jamari Chisholm Shines at Onnit Pro Day

Over the three months following the end of Texas’ 2019 season, defensive lineman Jamari Chisholm prepared himself for his April 1st Texas Pro Day with Texas’ Strength and Conditioning Staff.

Of course, with the Coronavirus pandemic, the last few weeks of training and the Pro Day was cancelled, but we were able to get Jamari included in a pro day here with my friend CJ McFarland from Onnit Gym here in Austin.

The one oversight on the day was us not getting the height and weight done, but Jamari has those from his time at Texas, measuring at 6′ 4 1/2″, 305-pounds at his last Texas measurement day.

On the day of his pro day, Jamari feels like he was closer to 295, some of that partially due to access to gyms being restricted for three weeks heading into his pro day. An interesting and unusual variable that every one of these athletes sending out mock pro days have had to deal with.

With that, the highlight of his pro day was a 4.91 forty-yard dash, which comes out to a weighted speed score of 101.5 if he’s at 295 pounds. An elite score that would only look more elite with each additional pound on Jamari’s frame.

His full list of scores are:

Vertical Jump: 31″

225-bench: 16 reps

Broad Jump: 8’1″

40-yard dash: 4.91

5-10-5: 4.62

L-Drill: 7.66

Attached here is video of that pro day.

Interestingly, in looking at some of the NFL Combine results this year, his results are fairly comparable to what AJ Espenesa of Iowa produced at 275-pounds whom many see as a first round pick.

Some further numbers that Texas collected for him in 2019:

Height: 6′ 4.5″

Weight: 305

Body Composition: 17.6% body fat

Top Speed: 19.44 mph

Power Clean: 325-pounds

Back Squat: 600-pounds

Bench Press: 365-pounds

Power Index: 655

Vertical: 32.0

Power Factor: 627

Broad Jump 8’10”

So far Jamari’s pro day performance has received a great response and we look forward to what the future holds for Jamari.

If anyone is a scout or member of an NFL organization that would like some more information regarding Jamari, my e-mail is listed below and my contact information can be found on the NFLPA site.

Zack Moore is a certified NFL agent, a writer for OverTheCap.com, as well as the author of “Caponomics: Building Super Bowl Champions,” a book that breaks down how Super Bowl champions are built in the NFL’s salary cap era and discusses how NFL front offices can best allocate resources to create successful teams.

A second edition titled, “Caponomics: How NFL Champions are Built and Dynasties are Destroyed” will be released in Fall 2020 with Triumph Books.

You can follow Zack on Twitter at @ZackMooreNFL. To contact him regarding Jamari, e-mail Caponomics@gmail.com.