Stock Down: Week 5


Every Monday during the season we will take a look back at three players who are entering important stages of their contract that may have hurt their stock in upcoming negotiations with their play on Sunday. In addition we will also look at one player signed in the offseason to a new contract that did not live up to the expectations that his contract sets for the player.

Stock Down

Matt Schaub– Mentally Schaub is broken and it has carried over to the playing field where he looks nothing like the player he has been in the past. I don’t even know what to make of him. At times he is like Chad Pennington floating the ball and not showing the arm needed to get the ball to the sidelines. At others plays like he is down two scores with just 5 minutes left, even though it’s the first quarter of the game. Schaub is going to be in danger of being released from his contract and missing out on $11 million in salary in 2014 if this continues. The Texans are going to feel too much pressure to not do it and there is also a stigma growing around Schaub which is going to be reflected in free agency if released. I was sure if Schaub ever got released he would get a decent contract, but now I’m beginning to think it will be backup/prove it type money. That will not be $11 million dollars. He needs to turn this around.

Tyson Clabo Clabo had given up what may have been the most critical sack of the game when matched up against Terrell Suggs. He had been overwhelmed on the day and is on pace to give up 11 sacks on the season. Clabo was signed to a one year $3.5 million dollar contract  after his release from the Atlanta Falcons, who have their own line problems to consider. The Dolphins ground game has been unable to get on track and yesterday the team gained just 16 yards out of their running backs. While Clabo is not the only one at fault he is the one that will feel the most problems when the season ends as he looks for another contract. With teams in 2013 not really interested in him at a $3.5 million dollar tag why would anyone sign him for anything close to that in 2014 if this is what they will get?

Kenny Britt– The free agent to be Wide Receiver appears to be done with the Tennessee Titans. He’s a third string player at this stage and the Titans are now considering further demotion after a one  reception, multiple drop game on Sunday against the Chiefs. Britt now has just 52 yards on the season and is either not the same player following knee injuries or is mentally just not committed to the games with a team that does not want him. Either way other teams around the NFL are going to look at him poorly. He is most likely headed for a minimum salary contract next season as he has to now rehab his image in 2014.

New Contract Disappointment Of The Week

Carson Palmer– This is like bizarro world. A losing QB gets a “stock up” nod while a winning one gets the down nod, but Palmer has been awful and his team won in spite of him not because of him. For all of the talk about what Palmer was going to mean for the Arizona offense they essentially look no different than they did when John Skelton was the QB of the team. Palmer was a mess on Sunday throwing for just 175 yards and being picked off 3 times. Like the Panthers the Cardinals are going to waste a good defense this year because their offense is simply no good. It’s clear Arizona needs to draft a QB next season and begin re-tooling that offense instead of praying they can get something out of the current grouping. Palmer was supposed to fix that situation and he hasn’t.

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