Lions Waive WR Titus Young

The Lions have waived WR Titus Young, a 2011 2nd round draft pick, after a tumultuous 2012 which saw him sent home from the team. Young has already earned $2.77 million from the Lions for his two years of play in which he caught 81 passes for 990 yards in 26 games. Young will carry a dead cap charge of $908,662 in 2013 which will actually free up $335,335 in salary cap space.

Though Young’s troubles are well documented ranging from punching teammates and intentionally making mistakes on the field, he is a talent and most players like that will get a second chance. With all the guarantees on his current contract paid out, a team would only be on the hook for $789,666 in cap dollars to ensure they get Young, which likely means they would forced to pay him some offseason bonus money before getting a look at him. Most likely a team will sign him at the minimum $555,000 on a 1 year contract.