Bills Release CB McGee

After a few slow days the Bills jumped back into the housecleaning effort by releasing veteran CB Terrence McGee. McGee had narrowly escaped being cut last season and took a massive paycut to remain in Buffalo in 2012. I think when that deal was signed most knew that McGee would likely not be back to play again in 2013. McGee has only appeared in 22 games over the last three seasons and has only played in 16 games once in his 10 year career, all of which are going to be major detriments if he tries to catch on with another team. Most likely he will be forced to play on a minimum salary benefit contract in 2013 with minimal guarantees.

Having been released prior to receiving a roster bonus due in early March McGee will retain his eligibility to sign a qualifying contract  with the Bills or another NFL franchise. The Bills save an estimated $2.35 million in cap room by releasing McGee which results in a net cap savings of $1.945 million. McGee marks the third release of the early offseason for the team. LB Chris Kelsay, who represents the largest cap savings for the team, would be a logical choice to be the next veteran release of a team that is in the process of turning the roster over.