Contract Year Series, Tarell Brown


Tarell Brown #25 CB, San Francisco 49ers

Baffling to me, is a person that does not know the requirements to collect a reward offered by an employer when the contract is signed. This state of bewilderment is directly correlated to the size of the reward. Imagining the state I am in presently after hearing Tarell Brown’s plight, can only be placed in the world of understanding Lindsay Lohan’s decision making process.

I mean, $2 million is an amount that the player should be responsible to understand what the requirements are to obtain. Brown fired his agent and rightfully so, but to blame him entirely is sour grapes. My assumption is that Tarell Brown has the ability to read his contract. These documents are not beyond the ability for a high school graduate to understand. Even if he could not, it is Tarell Brown’s signature at the end of the document, correct? This fact means that Tarell Brown, and Tarell Brown alone, takes responsibility for the contractual agreements set forth in the document.

Either way, the 49ers are in an interesting bind. Brown is a bona fide CB1 in the NFL and will likely be paid as one at the end of this season. If the team just gives Brown the $2 million it sets a terrible precedent of allowing players to not abide by their contract. If the 49ers stay firm on not giving him anything, then they may be perceived as “not being player friendly” which is not good for future business. This is where an immediate, fair market value extension for what is likely the best valued CB in the 2014 Free Agency market makes everything go away. The 49ers will be retaining a solid player at a fair value and they can even “take some flesh” from Brown through slightly higher hurdles in the new contract (to the tune of $2 million). Tarell Brown can get the slap on the wrist that is deserved in this case, but he gets a second chance to get what is rightfully his in the spirit of his existing contract.

Estimated New Contract: 4 years, $24.8 million with $1 million roster bonus for week 1 and a $1 million NLTBE 3 interception incentive